You know windows 8 is going to be launched soon and drupal should have a theme with the metro style.
currently there is no theme like this, I was hoping that someone would make us a theme like this.
I'm not a web expert so I can't do such thing but here what I might think it would be useful

For A Better Drupal.


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Honestly, I'm not sure such a theme would pass a usability test, or give a better user experience.

Having recently tested Windows 8, I would shutter to think what a theme would look like based on that.

Maybe a big picture with a dynamic clock. Just let users click around for a while, we'll hide the home button too, and the menu: we'll I'm sure for the menu we can figure out something creative with the css. Maybe move it to different positions everytime you use it, and then hide it again.


Besides copyright and stuff. Don't think Good Ol MS will be happy if you copy their look. Ask Microsoft for permission first, maybe they'll give it. (Nothing against MS, Windows 7 was a thing of beauty. Credit where credit is due. But 8? What were they thinking?).

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I think it needs more thinking before doing such a theme maybe you can get some inspiration from this:

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If you want a custom theme build you should hire someone.

I'm not going to build a theme looking like another website or brand without permission of the party involved.

There are rules in the design world. We can't just go copy something from someone else. :-)

Thank you for understanding.

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Actually this is exactly the same thing lots of people want. Including me.
http://metroui.org.ua/ seems great and royalty free
Have you found a Drupal theme for it by now?


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You might want to raise this issue in the Converting Themes group, as that is the type of thing that group is mean for.


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I doubt the license for MetroUI is compatible with Drupal's but I could be wrong. It's not GPL or MIT. It's not even a flavor of Creative Commons Commercial so it would be a tough case to even convert this to a Drupal theme and resell it at a place like Theme Forest.


Specifically see these parts:

... The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
Copyright information is not required to be included on the website, and the cost of the license is $20 ...

Also see this:

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now only the MIT License

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Hi, you found that theme?


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Here's one that has an Apache License, Version 2.0 so it may be a bit of a grey area. Technically, if one made a theme based on this, it could be relicensed under GPL but I am not sure really. Probably a matter for the webmasters queue.


... However, the Apache license is listed on this GPL-Compatible Free Software Licenses page and shown as compatible.

However, with this, there's nothing stopping anyone from making a theme based on this (perhaps the one mentioned from themeforest) and releasing it on Github or elsewhere. I think Acquia even has a theme repo that have Creative Commons licenses but I can't find the link.

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looks like no as Drupal is GPL v2 and this says it only works with GPL v3 :\

Code to empower, always.

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This is also the reason why Twitter Bootstrap (Which the above is based on) can't be hosted on drupal.org. There's been some discussion to change this, see: http://drupal.org/node/1255934

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I figured I'd give it a shot to try and get Metro UI CSS added via the Libraries module to get around the license issue, however, I don't think it's possible to currently use it without a great degree of difficulty -- it seems to require jQuery 1.9, which is currently in-progress for jQuery Update (Currently only goes up to 1.8).

See: http://drupal.org/node/1892282#comment-7061738

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there is this free
please,you explain to me where to put the files less?
and also this

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You could use the recipe below, it looks interesting, Kalatheme is brand new.

... which requires: http://drupal.org/project/panopoly

... and then grab this Bootstrap sub-theme to use with Kalatheme:

For more info, see the Kalatheme documentation, see:

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Kalatheme looks awesome -- should be noted, you can probably get Bootmetro to work with it pretty easily if you don't want to pay the $12 for Scaffold.

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