I am a newbie to drupal community. So please bear with me if it's really a basic question.

A 3rd party site will be sending paramteres to my drupal module using "get method". These paramters will have a url and some other information. So they will be hitting my module with a url something like http://{domain_name}/mymodule/channel/publisher=yahoo&url=http://www.yahoo.com where 'mymodule/channel' is the path set inside the hook_menu() function. When I get these paramters inside my module they get parsed for every '&' and '/' by drupal system. How can I get intact paramter values as we do in php using _REQUEST.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Maybe $url1 = $arg(1)
You can also use the token module to get Arguments from the url [path:arg-x] or something similar.

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your comment was really helpful. thank you!

but it's actually $url1 = arg(1), because arg is a function, not a variable. ;)



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I'm assuming that your url intended to include the ?, i.e.

(Note that if your site is not running clean URLs the URL would need to be of the form

In either case you can use $_GET in the usual way, so $_GET['publisher'] and $_GET['url'] will contain the parameter values you are after.

And note that because of Drupal's mod_rewrite trickery, $_GET['q'] (in either case) will be populated with mymodule/channel.

The arg() function may not help you here ... arg() simply explodes $_GET['q'] on /, so that arg(0) = mymodule and arg(1) = channel.


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perfect gpk ..it helped..thanks

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This worked for me. I have clean urls turned on and I couldn't pass more than 1 "get" variable before it would crop off the rest of them. So I used the method ?x=foo/bar/foo2/bar2 and then did split($_GET['x']) to retrieve all of the variables.

Thanks for the reply.

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You should use drupal_get_query_parameters() instead of $_GET;

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What if I have clean urls switched on?

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Randeep HAD clean urls on: what's the problem?

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For those who want to see the alias path url instead of the Drupal internal url (node/$/nid), here is the function I use:

function url_alias_path() {
return explode('/',$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);

It returns an array with all the parameters in the URL.

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dope. thanks

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If I want Drupal to store a parameter passed to any section of the web site so I can access it in a specific module, how would I do that.

For example:

How can I catch $_GET['para'] and store it in Drupal session or any where else so in my custom module I can read the 'para'?

Thank you

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$parameters = drupal_get_query_parameters();
  $_SESSION['para'] = $parameters['para'];
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Hi I am trying to get data from drupal service api using postman.

can some one tell me how to get set the parameter to download lesserthan a specific date?
I tried https://bcc-prod.codeenigma.net/api/v1/entity_commerce_product?parameter... <=1428930969:

but it is not working. any help will be hugely appreciated