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A new dropbutton element was introduced in core. The dropbutton consists of a primary operation link alongside a dropdown arrow. Clicking on the dropdown arrow presents secondary operations.

There are many situations in which a list of operation links is presented alongside a view or entity. When one operation is more common than the others, the dropbutton should be used, and the most common operation should be presented first.

You can render a dropbutton by setting its renderable array #type to 'operations'. In this example, the #subtype is set to 'node' since this dropbutton is displayed alongside a node (example adapted from content overview page at admin/content):

$element['operations'] = array(
  '#type' => 'operations',
  '#subtype' => 'node',
  '#links' => $operations,

Where $operations is an array of links.

Here is an example of a dropbutton on the content overview page:

Dropbutton example

operations-dropbutton.png4.53 KB
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