I've just spent the last six hours in Drupal 7 trying to figure out how to make CK Editor work with IMCE in order to add a file-browser button into the CKEditor interface so I can upload images using CK Editor and control their display size and alignment. I get miscellaneous errors too numerous to mention. I'm carefully following procedures but most posts here are out of date and often conflict.

Such a simple task and seemingly so impossible. Can somebody PLEASE talk me through it? All I want to do is be able to upload pictures and control size and alignment.


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I haven't tried that particular combination. I generally go with Ckeditor and ckfinder.

You might try it and see if you can get that working in 5-10 minutes.

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I didn't seem to have any problem setting up CKEditor and IMCE to work together, but I did it such a long time ago now that I'm not sure I can step you through it. I can only suggest that you make sure that you have:

1) set up IMCE profiles in admin/config/media/imce to allow image files to be uploaded
2) set up the File Browser settings in the CKEditor profile in admin/config/content/ckeditor to use IMCE (I'm using the CKEditor module rather than the IMCE_wysiwyg bridge)
3) set the IMCE permissions to allow the user to Administer IMCE if you want them to upload files. I think this is a confusing permission label since it seems to imply that it is for those who set up IMCE, rather than those who are just using it.

I'd like to use CKFinder, but it's a commercial product and I had already got IMCE working when I found out about it.

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You sure solved that problem. I didn't realize CKFinder was actually a commercial product. So I followed your instructions re IMCE and they worked perfectly. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for that.

I am still getting the "Image source URL is missing" error after trying to Upload an image:

Image Properties - Upload - browse - open - Send it to the Server - OK

I've now disabled the following modules:
IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge

And the modules enabled are:

I am logged in as an administrator.

The administrator is set to use the Sample profile (in admin/config/media/imce).
In common settings for "Enable inline image/file insertion into plain textareas " I've got:
edit-body, body

What am I missing?

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In Image properties, clicking on Browse Server gives me the following error:

The requested page "/sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder/ckfinder.html?Type=Images&id=Advanced&CKEditor=edit-body-value&CKEditorFuncNum=3&langCode=en-au" could not be found.

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Hi rosburn,

Do you have to make the user an administrator to allow them to upload files? I would rather not do that. Would ckfinder be a better module to use then?



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I can't believe I was forgetting this critical step:
Check which editor profile you are using when trying to upload!
Each profile needs to be given permissions.

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This video did it for me, awesome