The description of them seems very much the same - in what ways are they different?


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Version: » 5.x-5.x-dev

I have the same question. Commit #78900 says

remove filecache, - use fastpath_fscache

Is this a typo and meant to say to replace fastpath_fscache with filecache?

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Same question...

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is there still any development of the module?

greetings momper

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Same question here

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Status: Active » Fixed

File Cache will soon have alpha version for Drupal 7. Last commit in fastpath_fscache is 1 year ago, in 6.x branch.

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so this will be the same thing as cacherouter files?

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Yes, you can think of filecache that way. Here's a quick summary:

  • cachrouter's file engine is adapted from fastpath_fscache
  • cacherouter will not be ported to D7
  • cacherouter recommends using D7's cache routing and separate module for each engine - so filecache is natural successor to cacherouter's file engine
  • fastpath_fscache is not maintained since a long time and so is not being ported to D7
  • filecache is written from scratch (and this is not necesseraly a good thing :-)
  • filecache makes setting up file caching as easy as possible, e.g.
    • filecache (7.x-1.0-alpha1) section in Status report page is like installation/troubleshoot wizard
    • when under Apache web server, filecache automatically creates cache directory and protects it by putting there .htaccess file that denies web access
    • easy set up of D7's page caching for anonymous users so that DB is not connected at all when cached page is served
  • filecache will include keeping sessions in files - another DB offloading
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Possible to disable this feature?: "filecache will include keeping sessions in files - another DB offloading"

Since I prefer sessions in memory.

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Sessions in files is not implemented yet and it will definately need explicit enabling.

Drupal 7 replaces PHP's session handling with Drupal's own that uses DB. So sessions are not in memory.

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Ok, thank you ogi.

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cachrouter's file engine is adapted from fastpath_fscache

...and then rewritten, to adress several issues #578522: File engine: Performance, filenames, and other cleanup. Just cross-linking and mentioning that, I'm not familiar with Filecache project, so I'm not sure where it stands with this.

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How's the sessions investigation and support coming along? Memcache module has SSID support remaining to implement, but I would like to use your module instead (for tmpfs/ramfolder, as you know). Thanks ogi.

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Sessions are the last thing to be implemented. I'm not even sure if this provides any benefits because this saves just a couple of queries on each page request.

I've implemented (and committed in git) new rules for file access that are very optimized for reading from cache. It's designed with network filesystems (especially NFSv4) in mind, e.g. it allows web server OS to locally cache files and file server to notify when another web server changes these files. It's called file delegation in NFSv4. I want File Cache to be able to replace memcached even in multiple server scenarios.

Another big change is not losing cache entries when cid:s have same MD5 hash. This happens very rare but it's important for session support. Losing sessions is unacceptable.

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