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This is a placeholder page for documentation for the Community Media Header module which is a module that works with the Community Media Theme.

The Community Media Header module builds on the Header Image module for which there is documentation.


Install the Header Image module.

Install the Community Media Header module.

Installing Community Media Header will add a Feature called Theme Header. This feature creates a Header Image content type.


  1. Go to Structure > Header Image > Settings

    Under Node Type on Settings check mark Header Image

    Under Condition Types on Settings check mark Node ID, URL, and other conditions as needed.

    Uncheck the 'Teaser' checkbox directly above the 'Save Configuration' button.

    Click Save Configuration

  2. Go to Structure > Header Image > List

    These condition settings determine which pages display the Image Header.

    Under ADD HEADER IMAGE BLOCK add a Block title, such as "Header."

  3. Go to People > Permissions.

    Set "View header image" permissions to be Viewed by Anonymous User.

  4. Create content using the Image Header content type.

    Go to Content > Add Content > Header Image.

    Add a title and upload an image

    Recommended image width is 1200 pixels, the Theme will scale vertically relevant to the height of your image.

    After you save the Image, then click on Edit.

  5. Go to the Display conditions section

    If you want the Header Image to appear on every page, enter a '*' character in BOTH the Node ID condition AND the URL condition.

    Alternatively, you can specify pages for the Header Image to appear.

    You can adjust or modify other conditions that you established previously.

  6. Go to Structure > Blocks. Find the block that you created above. Add this block to the 'Header First' region of the Community Media theme. Save the block configuration. Your image should now show up.

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