This module allows you to display an image on selected pages. If you want one image on the frontpage, another on all FAQ pages and yet another on the about us and contact pages, this is the module that can do it.

Each image, included in a node, can be shown on pages based on node id, path, taxonomy, node type, book or PHP code. A single block is used to display different images (nodes) each image having its own conditions. Using a weight per node the order of selection can be controlled. Multiple header image blocks can be defined.

Header image works with a selectable node type. All node content is displayed in the block without node title, taxonomy or links. Header image is designed to use a node type containing a single image field, but can also be used to display more node content like multiple images or text in a block.

On the Demo site below you can see the image in the page header and the icon on the left changing with every section of the site. Home has a different image than "Over Link3", "Portfolio", or "Contact". The header image of the "Over Link3" section is based on a book, the image on Portfolio pages is displayed on a combination of URL and note type.

Drupal 7

The D7 is now available as a stable release, feel free to test and report bugs to the issues.
D7 maintainer: sense-design

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