Just did a quick test on the Acquia site. I can't seem to navigate to the webform to login without having a mouse. No idea how it works with Assistive Technology, but probably a problem as modal dialogs still are.

Probably specific to Acquia (so might just need to ignore this part), but it doesn't seem to remember my password and wonder if Firefox somehow can't register it correctly.


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Issue tags: +accessibility

Tagging. Also figured I'd post a link to accessibility issues with modal dialogs in general #1175830: Update to jQuery UI 1.10.2

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Category: bug » support

So Acquia is using Module forms, nice :-)!

I can tab to the login form when I use Safari, don't that work for you?

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Did you try on Acquia's site? After looking at their site again, it looks like it's a bigger issue with Acquia's site. On their site the keyboard behavior is different in Firefox & Safari. On Safari I could get to the login page without using a mouse.