Modal forms make use of the modal feature in the ctools module to open some common forms in a modal window.

No Drupal 8 version is planned. New maintainer welcomed.

Supported forms

  • Log in (modal_forms/nojs/login)
  • Request new password (modal_forms/nojs/password)
  • Create new account (modal_forms/nojs/register)
  • Contact (modal_forms/nojs/contact)
  • Comment (modal_forms/nojs/comment/reply/%node)
  • Webform (modal_forms/nojs/webform/%node)

Function that rewrite normal links to modal forms links (except for webforms) can be activated on the modules configuration page.

Links to the modal version of the forms

JavaScript that can rewrite standard links to these forms in to a modal equivalent are provided, see the module configuration page to activate them.

To build links in code I recommend using the ctools_modal_text_button() function.

$links[] = ctools_modal_text_button(t('Modal Login'), 'modal_forms/nojs/login', t('Login via modal'));
$links[] = ctools_modal_text_button(t('Modal Login'), 'modal_forms/nojs/login', t('Login via modal'),  'ctools-modal-modal-popup-small');

It is also possible to build links manually.

<a class="ctools-use-modal" href="modal_forms/nojs/login">Modal Login</a>
<a class="ctools-use-modal ctools-modal-modal-popup-small" href="modal_forms/nojs/login">Modal Login</a>

Popup styles and sizes

The include CSS file tries to mimic the default Colorbox style.

The extra class "ctools-modal-modal-popup-small" in the links above tells the module what popup style size to use. There are three options included.

  • ctools-modal-modal-popup-small (defaults to 300x300)
  • ctools-modal-modal-popup-medium (defaults to 550x450)
  • ctools-modal-modal-popup-large (defaults to 80%x80%)

Go to the configurations page for Modal forms to adjust the sizes.

Modal forms screencasts


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