If the UUID module is enabled, for use someplace else, like node_export, then fieldable_panels_panes created during that time are saved in panes using the uuid. If the uuid module is then disabled, those panes fail to load.

We still have the uuid in the table, so it's feasible that we can still load them. Then again, it might be a documentation issue.


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Err, not from what I can tell.

Looking at those patches, FPPs added with UUIDs will still silently fail to load if the UUID module is disabled.

To rephrase:
Once FPPs are added via UUID, then the uuid module becomes a hard dependency.

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Ah ok, that makes more sense.

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Might #2250415: Use CTools 1.4's UUID support be a reasonable way forwards?

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In fact, given that CTools now has UUID support, should we scrap the fpid's entirely and just use UUIDs?

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+1 for using uuids, looking at exploration - will report back

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@larowlan: Any update on your progress?

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not for 100% but due to lack of activity marking this as a duplicate of #2647890: Correct UUID handling in Panelizer