rc3 contains a critical bug already fixed in dev, IMO we should release a new release candidate ASAP.


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formatting fix

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I agree. I had to roll back to rc1 after installing rc3, and rc3 keeps taunting me on the module upgrade page. Could we have an rc4? Or if you are not ready, rc3 (and rc2) should be removed, as rc1 seems to be more stable.

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Actually, 20,000 users suggest that this is fairly stable and this from http://drupal.org/security-advisory-policy

"That means no security advisories for development releases (-dev), ALPHAs, BETAs or RCs."

And if the API is now stable, so a full release may be justified.

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Could someone please tag the relevant 1.0 blocking issues, rather than mark them critical?

Tiny list of candidates here: http://drupal.org/node/1253776#comment-5967554

And the first one on that list: #1613722: Documentation: Views Filter by an entity reference view

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Rather than looking for 1.0 blocking issues first, posting here with the gentle encouragement that surely it makes sense to just release an RC4 in the meantime that contains the fixes for the two critical bugs that were addressed in -dev more than two months ago?

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Agreed with babbage

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pretty please?

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A new fixed release (alpha/beta/RC/stable) is beneficial to the module itself, as it provides more users of the latest code. More people will download or update to a fixed release than try out dev code. Thus, you get more users on the more recent code, and reporting issues. Which means as a module maintainer you get a better idea of whether your module is ready for a stable 1.0.

In brief, yes, I agree. Please could we have an RC4 release?

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I for one agree to this... I am brand new to this module and encountered this crippling error and had a hard time finding the solution... I am also running a production site and rather not use dev versions.

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Any ETA on a release? I think the dev version has this fixed, but we're using this in production and would like to stick to stable releases.

I ran into this problem when adding a module and got here from #1608358: PHP Fatal error: Class EntityReference_SelectionHandler_Views

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> we're using this in production and would like to stick to stable releases.

Ditto. I would rather have a new RC which still has known bugs than run on a dev release.

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Ah. The maintainer of this project has been working on a personal project that may explain some delays here:

Congratulations Damien! :)

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Dave created a sandbox for Pascal but the landing page looks also nice.

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Co-maintainer(s) about?

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I mentioned him on twitter.

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Hi guys,
I'm back in the issue queue, after *lots* of work on OG. Give me some time to sort things out, and we will create a new RC

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Yep, saw that in your commit tracker :wink:
Great to see you back in town

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Thanks Damien

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Say hello to Entity reference 7.x-1.0-rc4 :)

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Great news!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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