At the moment I have everything on front page. Latest products I added to my eshop and blog.
How do I make front page where can I add just plain tekst with title or add latest news.

.Also is there module to load custom scripts ?



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You can specify which page is Drupal's default front page in /admin/settings/site-information.

Initially the front page is "node" (http://example.com/?q=node) and it displays all posts which are "Published" and "Promoted". You can unpromote some nodes, or you can change your default front page to any path you want, for example to "node/35", or to a category listing like /taxonomy/term/2+8+15, or to a view created with the views module.

About custom scripts, if you have a small one you can put its php code in a page or in a block. There are no modules that I know of which can load just any php script without writing custom code. You can either redirect to that script or try to put it in an iframe.

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But how? Is there a way to make the tag open php files?

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Sounds like you need the panels (http://drupal.org/project/panels)module - this lovely little module allows you to build up a page using nodes / blocks / views and custom bits of text/code all arranged into panels (hence the name). So create a new panel page, add in the views etc you want - give it a URL like "home" or "homepage" then follow the above post and set this URL to be the homepage in admin/settings/site-information

Good luck


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Thank you for the replies !

I got what I wanted. :)