I know this sounds strange (believe me, it was hard to nail down the problem), but when I have the 7.x-1.0 version of coder in the sites/all/modules folder - even if the module is not enabled - when I try to go to the modules list page, my browser goes to "The connection was reset" error page. If I move coder out of the modules folder, I can view the modules list as usual. I even tried it with NO other modules in the sites/all/modules folder - only a minimal Drupal install. This is very consistent.

I'm running...
Firefox 12.0
WAMP 2.2, which includes:
---Apache 2.2.21
---PHP 5.3.8
---MySQL 5.5.16

I reverted back to the 1.x-dev version I had installed prior to the release of 1.0, and it works fine. Note that I did NOT download the latest 1.x-dev from the project page because I figured it was the same as or later than the 1.0 version.


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Been bitten by this myself so did some debugging and searching and have a proper fix.

Add the following to the end of httpd.conf to increase the Apache stack size to 8MB.

<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
   ThreadStackSize 8388608

Restart services and your good to go using any version of coder and other modules which have this issue.

Explanation: 'coder_upgrade.info' contains enough data to cause a 'preg_match_all' crash when drupal parses the info file. The fault happens in 'drupal_parse_info_format' in common.inc and your logs will show Apache restarting. Other symptoms are a module page that never loads and the connection reset issue you noticed.

This appears to be a known issue with php on windows and full credit for the fix I listed above e.g. https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=47689

So it appears that preg_match_all uses the stack which is too small on the WAMP Apache install so php crashes then Apache crashes and restarts. The fix increases the stack size to match a default Linux php apache setup.

So with that explained why does the dev version of coder work like you noticed. Well it appears this issue was spotted and they amended the description of the .info file in dev. While this get's round the issue it just masks the real problem which will probably bite again for other modules or use of regular expressions e.g.

Looks like this ThreadStackSize increase solves some other issues also:

With that explained I can sleep and continue to use WAMP for quick development and testing :-)

*Just came back to this for a new install and had to use the actual value e.g. 8388608 instead of 8*1024*1024. Have updated the above code.

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@lmeister, thanks ever so much for that info. I'm sure I wud never have found that solution on my own.


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Status: Active » Fixed

This is a duplicate issue.

The issue (on Windows) seemed to be related to the muli-line description in the info file. The description was changed to a single line in the dev release and responders reported this as fixing the problem.

Also, please use the dev release which, as the project page points out, is the recommended version.

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@solotandem, thanks for that update.

But, after you said "please use the dev release which, as the project page points out, is the recommended version", I went back to the project page, thinking I had perhaps missed something obvious.

This is what it shows...

Recommended releases
Version Downloads Date Links
7.x-1.0 tar.gz (236.75 KB) | zip (276.94 KB) 2011-Aug-17 Notes
6.x-2.0-rc1 tar.gz (78.77 KB) | zip (96.78 KB) 2011-Jul-21 Notes

Development releases
Version Downloads Date Links
7.x-1.x-dev tar.gz (239.11 KB) | zip (280.29 KB) 2011-Dec-30 Notes
6.x-2.x-dev tar.gz (79 KB) | zip (97.02 KB) 2011-Aug-18 Notes

It seems that 7.x-1.0 is still showing as the recommended version. And, personally, I usually shy away from "dev" versions for the simple fact that they tend to be a bit buggier than the "recommended" version.

Anyway, thanks again.

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So happy to have found this page and the related post in the Coder issue queue . I was running in circles for days after upgrading my WAMP installation and being totally unable to use admin pages on my D7 local dev instance.

Once again, the community rocks.

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@ExTexan, I was referring to the comment in bold at the top of the project page:
"For best results, use the latest development releases of this project and its dependent projects."
and the comments following it.

The project module does not provide the developer with the ability to indicate the dev release as the "recommended" release.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

You rock, lmeister.
Had the same problem and been searching for hours to fix this.
#1 works for me

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I had this problem, but I don't coder module installed, #1 solved my problem. Really hard to find this solution.

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Thank you SOOO much for this post!! I had a similar problem, but mine was an issue with the Featured Content Slider module. I ended up not using that module since I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

A few hours later I later ran into the problem again when working with a drupal install profile. The install profile .info file was setting the following variables for superfish:

variables[superfish_slp] = 'sites/all/libraries/superfish/jquery.hoverIntent.minified.js

Before finding this solution I was able to remove a few lines from that variable which made the string smaller and the error would go away. I knew it had to be a local config issue, but it sure was hard to track down. Adding this setting to my .config file fixed EVERYTHING!


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Issue summary: View changes

Hi, I also have this issue.
I have it many times at cellphone browser , and less at PC browsers.

my question is how to edit this httpd.conf with a shared-hosting drupal?

Thank you

ThreadStackSize 8388608

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#1 Worked for me (Y).

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#1 worked for me. Thank you!

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@lmeister You really save my day. THANK YOU.

@ExTexan and All, I am not using the Coder module, but I got the same problem anyway. @ExTexan described the problem so precisely that I know I might find a solution here, and I did. THANK YOU.

I am doing the migration from Drupal 6 to 7. We are using over a hundred modules in Drupal 6. I create a new Drupal 7 site and download the similar modules as Drupal 6, except that the newly downloaded modules are compatible with Drupal 7. One of these modules causes my Drupal 7 site the error "The connection was reset".

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#1 work like charm on Wamp
thank you

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#1 worked PERFECT.... sooooo easy THANK YOU.

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I didn´t have coder installed but #1 solved the same issue with a fresh install of Commerce Kickstart on local wamp. Thanks!

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#1 Worked like a charm

Thank You lmeister

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Thank you, one day lost to install, reinstall wamp !!