I've been handed a project to duplicate an existing multilingual drupal 6 project with 5 languages.

I've duplicated the site and all seems to be working fine with one exception: I'm having problems getting the primary-links to display for the two new languages which uses path prefix only.

The problem is that when I try and update the menu settings (for example: /et/admin/build/menu/settings) to set the primay-links to be displayed to the language, it updates the base primary-links (en - English) and the primary-links of the second newly added language (bg - Bulgaria)? Should I update either en or bg in the same manner it updates the other two.

Obviously this indicates that the menus are not isolated, but I'm unsure where else to look/set something to correct this.

When looking through the DB i noticed that the 'i18n_variable' table did not have entries for either bg or et - I have tried adding them in, but suspect that the db update that settings envoke tie more than just this table in.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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It was related to the i18n variables table.

Make sure you add this to your sites/default/settings.php file.

$conf['i18n_variables'] = array(