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MD5: 47761c79c351697f295d933b85441328
SHA-1: 16815a428bede65b540dbc9d8b2d30e7369cf862
SHA-256: 732d86b7c620e950dc4219e91d5ae8ccf09b9f355e1001d546fd0b98adab1ac6
Download admin_menu-7.x-3.0-rc2.zipzip 58.06 KB
MD5: e1f8de894fe411ff693ab6aff9a2661a
SHA-1: 238b401999cb9e77bcd3b4ea19cd587abb9d45b2
SHA-256: 78d363775da79824e45a193a337e8b8c17df1f843307e2d57db8eb9076c8bb7e
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/admin_menu:^3.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: sun
Created on: 23 Apr 2012 at 16:18 UTC
Last updated: 21 Mar 2014 at 16:14 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Important: Administration Views (admin_views) has been moved into a separate project and is no longer included.

Changes since 7.x-3.0-rc1:

  • #870388 by swentel, sun: Keep module permissions open when there is a hash in the URL.
  • #1143710 by sun, cmseasy: Added l10n modules to developer modules list.
  • #1262320 by sun: Added test for custom external links.
  • #1376852 by sun, kenwest: Fixed Cached icon breaks HTTPS pages.
  • #1406014 by sun: Added helper script for setting up required permissions.
  • #884032 by tim.plunkett, tomas.teicher, sun: Added enabled views to the 'Views' menu.
  • Fixed Administration menu cache is no longer flushed.
  • #562304 by sun: Fixed Menu is not updated after user role or permission changes.
  • #1194528 by corbacho, sun: Allow to configure client-side caching.
  • #871644 by sun: Hide links pointing to category/overview pages when empty.
  • #1467992 by sun: Removed obsolete 'hide' property from hook_admin_menu_map().
  • #502408 by sun: Move invocation/processing into hook_page_build().
  • Removed orphan/bogus/unnecessary files[] definitions.
  • #1319138 by donquixote, sun: Fixed 'Page requisites' should flush page cache.
  • #1434886 by sime, sun: Fixed JS cache HTTP response times out due to Content-Length header.
  • #1472236 by 10oclock, sun: Fixed Illegal string offset error on PHP 5.4.
  • #1092970 by hansfn, sun: Fixed missing Content-Type and charset breaks HTTP response in certain environments.
  • #1361674 by sun: Fixed 'Run updates' does not appear despite 'administer software updates' permission.
  • #1292838 by smk-ka: Fixed Incorrect calculation of cache expiry timestamp.
  • #1468482 by sun: Fixed Menu is cached by session ID, but session ID does not change when switching users via Devel.
  • #588518 by sun, Dave Reid, mstrelan: Added hook_admin_menu_cache_info() to allow other modules to expose individual caches to flush.
  • #282775 by pillarsdotnet, Dmitriy.trt, jenlampton, sun: Fixed disabled menu links are not hidden.
  • Fixed JavaScript error on non-existing 'filter' style without admin_menu_toolbar.
  • #1210844 by Takeo, sun: Fixed sticky table header covered by admin_menu.
  • #1436426 by sun: Clarified installation instructions for permissions to enable.
  • Make categories below Configuration appear in alphabetical order.
  • #946736 by sun: Do not output items linking to their parents and items that should appear in the breadcrumb only.
  • #1428584 by sun: Fixed Users expect 'Add content' below 'Content'.
  • Fixed module tests.
  • #759406 by fietserwin, fcjversc, JamesK: Fixed toolbar shadow breaks dropdown menu in IE7/8.
  • #1030856 by queenvictoria, stompersly: Fixed PHP notice in admin_menu_merge_tree() for dynamic paths that do not contain dynamic placeholders.
  • #1058638 by sun: Splitted admin_views into dedicated project.
  • #1097312 by sun, dalin, mstrelan, dalin: Fixed 'Tasks' and 'Index' links appear on the top-level.
  • Fixed various items and link subtrees are not ordered correctly.
  • #1408416 by sun: Added hook_admin_menu_output_build() to complement hook_admin_menu_output_alter() hook.
  • #1405212 by sun: Temporarily fixed Unresolved dependency on next Drupal core release.
  • #1189672 by Dave Reid, pwolanin: Fixed "Flush all caches" and "Toggle developer modules" open to CSRF.
  • #502500 by naught101, sun: Re-added "Add content" as top-level item.
  • #1251232: Remove lines from that would be added by packaging system or handled by git_deploy.
  • #1177202 by das-peter, dereine, sun: Fixed copying and re-injection of child router items breaks badly.
  • #1212064 by sun: Updated admin_views default views for VBO 3.x.
  • #1196590 by sun: Fixed errors and notices for admin_views with Views 3.
  • #1291912 by sun: Fixed bad character encoding in text files.
  • by sun: Fixed fatal error if $expand_map is empty.
  • #1144768 by idlewilder, sun: Fixed devel modules to skip are not displayed.
  • #1079374 by WillHall: Fixed JS Error: unrecognized expression: [href=/].
  • #1114132 by joelstein, sun: Added Field UI to list of developer modules.
  • #1146644 by Dave Reid, sun: Fixed PHP 5.3 strict incompatibility.
  • #1008380 by bdragon, sun: Updated admin_views for D7.
  • #1146644 by sun: Fixed PHP 5.3 compability in tests.
  • #1020812: Fixed link to settings page in help text.
  • #442560 by sun: Fixed 'defer' script attribute breaks Drupal.behaviors in FF3.6.
  • #1022902 by matglas86, sun: Updated for changed core Toolbar styles.


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