Where do you go to change the lablels on all the fields on your node form? Well, for every single field except one, you go to the "Manage fields" tab for your content type. I know title is special, but if we want people to be able to find this setting intuitively, we need to move it to where people will look for it naturally :)

move the title field label setting to the manage fields tab

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Seems like this would be really easy/redundant if we could get this in: #1188394: Make title behave as a configurable, translatable field (again)

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Yup, it simply has to be a field - its the only thing that isn't and that is super weird.

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No, it doesn't have to be a field.
It just needs to have hook_field_extra_fields() implemented, so the settings *appear* in the place people expect it to be.

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Yes, it so totally should be a field.

I've created projects where I didn't want a title (used Drupal as the engine for an (award winning) urban game), and I had a hell of a time trying to get rid of the damn thing. The NodeID should be the underlying unique thing about a node.

The title should be a field like any other, and should be removable like any other.

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Title already is a field, but a base field rather than a configurable field.
A UI for adding some of the settings known from configurable fields to non-configurable fields, is underway, but at risk of missing the deadlines, given there's still so much to do. So it's good to keep an eye on it.

Removing the Title field label from the main content type configuration means the title label wouldn't be changeable anymore without Field UI being enabled. I'd argue that this is okay, because it matches the Body field, because it's certainly not the 80% use case and because more advanced use cases will - at least in the dev stage - use the Field UI or will do things programmatically. So from my perspective a +1.

We'd need to figure out which of the remaining Field API issues this one depends on, and help there. The actual removal will be the easiest thing to do.

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Just want to add, and this may have been covered somewhere, and this may be already considered when converting the title field to a configurable field at some point...

...a description for the Title field is very much needed.

Right now, we have to add instructions for the title field in the Body field description which is way down below the Body box and the Input Format box which they end up never seeing it.

The other way to achieve a description for it currently is to add a longtext field under the title with a default value. So what we end up with is an additional textarea field where we can only use plain text. Then not display that field.

You would think a Title is a Title but 75% of the time that is not the case for us. When there are many content contributors, and to achieve some consistency when constructing the Title, it needs a description/help field directly under it.

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Still makes sense to do this.