Release info

Created by: wwalc
Created on: March 14, 2012 - 17:51
Last updated: October 15, 2014 - 19:32
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

Security update:
Fixes SA-CONTRIB-2012-040 - (F)CKeditor XSS, arbitrary code execution.

New features:

#1347994: [D6] Add option to disable Toolbar wizard by dczepierga
#1349332: [D6] Add configuration option to set CKFinder library path by dczepierga

Bug fixes:

#1345742: [D6] Included js files to toolbar drag & drop should be minified. by michal_cksource
#1376276: [D6] CKEditor blank if reopened in pop-up window by dczepierga
#1363224: CKEditor appears despite global exclude on field by michal_cksource
#1365510: [D6] CKFinder requirement check needs fixed by jlea9378
#1361894: Double scrollbar on menu dropdowns in IE by dczepierga
#1357050: [D6] invalid attribute disc-type in ckeditor.css by dczepierga
#1350474: [D6] CKeditor plugins added with hook_ckeditor_plugin button not appearing in the toolbar by dczepierga
#1350386: [D6] Improve regex pattern to find plugins for CKEditor by michal_cksource
#1349308: [D6] Change descriptions in CKEditor's help page by michal_cksource
#1343314: [D6] Change settings for private download by michal_cksource
#1348194: [D6] Change for default path for CKFinder settings by michal_cksource
#1346820: [D6] Change for Full toolbar buttons by michal_cksource
#1345788: [D6] Remove unnecessary Drupal Page Break button if there is no module to support this feature by michal_cksource
#1345660: [D6] Enable Drupal Breaks plugin on default by michal_cksource
#1341988: [D6] Css rule to hide toolbar can hide more than expected by michal_cksource
#1334518: [D6] Cannot hide CKEditor on views edit pages generally by path by michal_cksource
#1334064: [D6] Changes in ckeditor_load_plugins function by dczepierga