I suspect that I need to rebuild the permission for my site. The problem is that the option is not there (Administer » Content management » Post settings ).

I know I saw it there before - but now it is not. Any ideas on how to get the "Rebuild Permissions" link to show on the Post Settings page, why it's not there, or a another way to activate it?

Many thanks!


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If your node_access table has only one row in it or if you don't have an access control module enabled, it won't show up. It would be on the admin >> content >> post settings page otherwise.

If you are really intent on rebuilding them, you can create a php page that calls node_access_rebuild().

Nancy W.
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Thanks for the reply!

I'm not familiar with the node_access table. Is there a way I can verify it? What puzzles me is that the option to rebuild was there before, but now it's gone. I haven't changed any modules since then.

I tried using the node_access_rebuild() snippet ,not sure if it worked though. I simply put the code in a page with php code enabled and accessed the page from the browser. I expect that worked, but I can't tell.

Any more info is appreciated!

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Using phpMyAdmin, or similar, browse the table. If you have no access control modules, there should be one row in it. It should say "0 0 all 1 0 0".

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you're my hero, node_access_rebuild() worked perfect for me!

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Just would like to share an easy way, if somebody still has got this problem: a temporary method how to access rebuild node permissions -page when the button has been disappeared is to go there directly like this http://yourdomain.com/?q=admin/content/node-settings/rebuild

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I, too, suspect that my permissions need to be rebuilt. I've got a content type for a role, and I set the permissions for that role and then assigned that role to a user, and the user has no access. After rebuilding the permissions using the example above, I get the same results. Is there anything else I should be looking for?

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Nevermind, I got it... I'm a noob.

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Please ignore this post - I found what I was doing wrong

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This is a great thing! But why does the button dissappear?

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The rules are simple.

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Rebuild Permissions I had forgotten about you!

I used the ACL and Content Access Modules to reduce access to profiles for "non-friends"... this module really takes over node access and uninstalling doesn't fix that.

Thanks for ending my day of suffering. I love Drupal.

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is easy! Go to admin/content/node-settings/rebuild.

It would still be nice to know why it randomly disappeared, though.

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Bookmarking, greetings, Martijn

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Rebuild permissions button drupal 7 /admin/reports/status/rebuild

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This method didn't work for me...
I'm still getting Drupals welcome page, even though I have set my page to frontpage.

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Hello Juhani,

You previously posted a comment on how to run the process of rebuilding permissions on a website that was designed and or developed with Drupal. I am now thankful to you for previously doing that. I obeyed those instructions step by step and correctly and even successfully rebuilt those permissions on one website in this specific week.
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