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Webforms can be used in a block. You need the latest version of Webform.

  1. Create your webform in a node.
  2. Edit the node.
  3. Select the Webform tab.
  4. Select the Forms settings tab.
  5. Select Advanced settings.
  6. Switch on Available as block.
  7. Save configuration.

Your webform is now available both as a content node and a block. You can hide the node or use it however you want. Look in the blocks list for the block. If you named your webform Example form, the block will be named Webform: Example form.

The block gives you the following choices.

Display mode

  • Form only
  • Full node
  • Teaser

[ ] Show all webform pages in a block

Form only displays only the form. The title will be the block title.

Full node displays only the block title then the node title then the node body then the webform. Use this when you want text before or after the form. Remember to switch off either the block title or the node title.

I have not tried Teaser.

Show all webform pages in a block keeps the Webform in the block on the same page when stepping through multipage forms. If you do not check this box, the second and subsequent form pages will be in the raw node, not in the block.

Show all webform pages in a block does not keep the conformation in the block page. To keep the confirmation in the same page, you have to go into the form settings and select No redirect (reload current page)

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