my friend and i recenty made balkan MySpace, check and post a comment about.
Svetsko a naše!
Bodi in z
Budi in sa



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Really nice! Looks like there was tons of customization. Could you share your configuration/implementation specifics? Just a few of my questions:

- what version of Drupal?
- which module are you using to get a per-user theme?
- which module are you using for image management?

- (just wondering about this one ...) why the Indian ".in" domain name extension?


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Just like this pile of crap here.

NOT DRUPAL - DON'T give this SCUM the pleasure of a click.

(If you want to know, the site seems to be some sort of very ugly dating site)

Sheesh, some people simply cannot succeed at being original or inventive. But judging by the web development skills I see on that site, I guess I can't blame you for being desperate.

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Its not drupal at all , SPAM

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remove this spam
we hate such spam !!

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Not sure if this is good news, Indians spam more...this guy do not seem like Indian...
You need not have to be someone from India to own a .IN domain or have FREEDOM to spam!

It's more of an individual character, rather than that of a community or country.

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