Even though the Show format selection for taxonomy_terms permission is not set, the format selection still appears on the term edit page for non-admin roles.

The other permissions seem to work fine. Am I missing something?



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More info on what page, field, etc. you are seeing it would be helpful. In general steps to reproduce are most useful.

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Nothing special really, it's just the standard taxonomy term description field from core.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable taxonomy module
  2. Allow a role other than admin to edit taxonomy terms
  3. Allow this role to use more than one input format
  4. Don't give this role Show format selection for taxonomy_terms permission
  5. Edit/create a taxonomy term with that role -> format selection will be visible
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Taxonomy fields do not have format selection on them to be removed, at least for the tags based widget. Can you be more specific on what fields and options your are using?

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Hi dragonwize,
I think, dro0x has the same problem as I do have with drupal (7.12), taxonomy and better_formats (latest dev, 2011-Sep-16).
The field we are talking about is the default taxonomy term description field (shipped with taxonomy).

Setup here:
In /admin/people/permissions "Show format selection for taxonomy_terms" is not enabled for any role.
in /admin/config/content/formats/settings: "use field default" is checked.

When a person with enough privileges adds a term (not user#1, via /admin/structure/taxonomy/WHATEVER/add), the format selection is there although it shouldn't.

The description field provided by taxonomy itself doesn't seem to have any way to set a default input format, /admin/structure/taxonomy/WHATEVER/fields has no options at all (we can't even delete it).
This could be a taxonomy bug, as filter_format gets saved in the database (taxonomy_term_data/format), but there is no way to influence it, except maybe by a hook.

Just for completeness: If a normal (cck) textarea field is added to taxonomy term, everything works fine. Format can be selected by admin and format selection for this cck field is hidden from users as expected.

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Any update on this? I think all the necessary information is already here. The question is if this can be fixed or not.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

[Setting status so developers can see the issue in their queue]

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Title: "Show format selection for taxonomy_terms" not working » Allow to hide taxonomy description format (non-field api form field)
Category: bug » feature
Status: Active » Postponed

As noted by indigoxela, that field is not a Field API field. It is a custom field on the taxonomy entity. Currently, their is no support for non-Field API fields. We need to find a way to customized this as you cannot even get to the settings page for that field to set values. With that complication and since this is an admin only field/screen for most sites it is not high on my list to fix right away. Patches welcome.

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