After giving up an upgrade from D6.22 to D7.10, because of too many issues, including problems with importing data from the D6 version of nodewords (I posted some support request) to which there is no response up to now, I was forced to re-do the site from scratch, in spite of the work involved as it had lots of content collected over 3 years ...

I have set up meta tags quick, only enabling the main module. I have meta tags for individual nodes showing, but how/where do you set up the meta tags for the front page?

In my last upgrade attempt, I had also enabled the "Extra functionality", but it kept causing errors with auto-creation of meta tags making me reluctant to enable it.

Secondly, JUST IN CASE panels are used, how would meta tags for the front page be set up?

Thank you in advance


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Version: 7.x-2.3 » 7.x-2.x-dev

I can understand your frustration with the upgrade process. However, expressing your feelings does not mean proceeding in your problems.
First, please provide more details than just 'it does not work'.
Second, search other issues that contain panels mention. I personally don't use this module, but other people do.
As far as I know, there are problems with metatags_quick/panels combination, and there are workarounds suggested by others.
(Default) front page meta tags can be set with the path-based meta tags (enabled by default)
Hope that helps,

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Thank you for your response.

I was just giving a small background to how I came to where I am now - re-doing the site with D7 & that I have enabled the main meta tags quick module. The issues with this module involved are just part of the problem. I had issues with upgrading/migrating images & other stuff that were taking too long to solve.

The key thing is this is a fresh installation & I was just requesting guidance on how to create meta tags for the front page, which I have now been able to do. Actually some documentation or notes on this in the readme file, however brief would have done the trick.

Regarding panels, I was asking "JUST IN CASE" I used them, since it's something I'm considering.

Thank you & regards.

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Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-2.7
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Could you please explain in more detail how to assign meta tags to the homepage? I have created fields for keyword and description. I have several path based meta tags already for paths like "newsroom" and "programs". But I can't figure out how to set up the homepage path. I tried "", "/", "*", and leaving the path empty. None of those worked.

Exactly what settings are required to set up path based metatags on the homepage?

Also, if this ticket it is a dupe, what ticket is it a dupe of?

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I found http://drupal.org/node/1223568#comment-7033912 and posted there too. My homepage is set to home. I have a path based meta tag for home. But its not showing in the HTML. And yes, I cleared cache.

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There looks like there is an issue with this not appearing on the homepage. I have done just as jacen6678 has done and if I'm logged in the description will be present, but it will not show if not logged in. Thus, this does no good for the purpose of Google gathering the proper information.

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Version: 7.x-2.7 » 7.x-2.x-dev

I need more info to reproduce the problem. What is 'home'?

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I can't figure out how to get KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION meta tags to show on the home page either. I left the "Default front page" field 'empty' in CONFIGURATION > SYSTEM > SITE INFORMATION

I set a PATH-BASED METATAGS path to <front>

I had the same issue with http://drupal.org/project/metatag - which was weird because it worked on a clone of the same site in the same multisite platform.

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Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 7.x-2.7
Component: User interface » Code

after reading http://drupal.org/node/1223568#comment-5426302 - setting my path to NODE solved my issue.

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Yeah front page path based no workie.

I have created a path for node, a path for node/1 and a path for home (the alias of the page) and there is no love here.
This is the latest dev version of both the module and Drupal.

Node based works fine.

No log entries, no errors, nothing further to report.

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Path based meta tags for won't work, since is not an internal drupal path
node must work as intended
node/1 is a regular node, so setting path based tags won't have any effect
Hope this helps

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I too cannot get description meta on page. I have created with the path node and home (my alias) and no description publishing to the . I don't get it. They show up on my other pages (about-us) etc.

Why no Global Description or option for description? How can I get my description on my front page??

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