Please note: This issue is being posted here as an exercise for people learning to contribute to Drupal. If you are not participating in this exercise, please don't do anything with this post.

To participate, see instructions here: http://drupalladder.org/lesson/93887717-c398-2434-394c-cf10851b4f1c.

The real issue has already been resolved in Drupal 8 (see issue #1326088).


Optionally specify an alternative URL by which this content can be accessed. For example, type "about" when writing an about page. Use a relative path and don't add a trailing slash or the URL alias won't work.


The alternative URL for this content. For example, type "about" when creating an about page. Use a relative path without a trailing slash.
#48 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388780-47.patch908 bytesamanskywalker
#47 send image.png133.23 KBamanskywalker
#46 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388780-46.patch912 bytesET205
#43 rewrite-description-1388832-42.patch21.71 KBlokeshwaran97
#42 drupal.png22.68 KBlokeshwaran97
#41 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1326088-41.patch933 bytesswaraj singh
#40 rewrite-desription-for-url-alias-1388832-40.patch908 bytesmarncz
#38 Screenshot from 2016-10-15 20-37-52.png12.52 KBAbhishekLal
#38 rewrite-desription-for-url-alias-1388832-38.patch908 bytesAbhishekLal
#36 1326088-rewrite_description_for_url_alias.patch917 bytesrakesh_verma
#36 after_patch.png110.87 KBrakesh_verma
#36 before_patch.png108.6 KBrakesh_verma
#35 after_patch.png39.76 KBhimanshugautam
#35 before_patch.png15.02 KBhimanshugautam
#35 1326088-rewrite_description_for_url_alias-36.patch917 byteshimanshugautam
#34 after_patch_apply.png117.03 KBajalan065
#34 before_patch_apply.png125.91 KBajalan065
#34 1326088-rewrite-desription-for-url-alias.patch909 bytesajalan065
#33 after_patching.png146.14 KBnityanand32
#33 before_patching.png34.89 KBnityanand32
#33 1326088-rewrite-desription-for-url-alias.patch920 bytesnityanand32
#32 Fixed_the_description_on_node_add_form-1388832-32.patch908 bytesrashidkhan
#32 Patch Screenshot 32.png3.58 KBrashidkhan
#30 patch screenshot 30.png30.37 KBgettysburger
#30 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388832-30.patch908 bytesgettysburger
#29 rewrite_desription_for_url_alias-1388832-29.patch0 bytesjwitcoski
#29 patch.jpg42.27 KBjwitcoski
#28 Screenshot of patch .png4.72 KBro-29
#28 rewrite-decription-for-url-alias-2222963-28.patch908 bytesro-29
#27 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-modified-1326088-27.patch908 bytespravark
#26 Create Article | dev.drupalsandbox.com 2014-02-11 15-46-12_changed.png67.85 KBpravark
#26 rewrite-desription-for-url-alias-1326088-26.patch907 bytespravark
#25 Create Basic page | dev.drupalsandbox.com 2014-02-11 15-04-48_solved.png64.37 KBpravark
#24 wetkit_omega-more_flexible_site_name_url_2168363_1.patch554 bytesAnonymous (not verified)
#23 Create Article | localhost 2013-10-31 11-40-47.png64.21 KBpravark
#23 1326088-rewrite-desription-for-url-alias.patch909 bytespravark
#22 Screenshot_rewrite_patch.png95.96 KBkrisp1
#22 URL_alias_description_update-2113813-22.patch908 byteskrisp1
#20 patch.jpeg131.05 KBmatalote
#20 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1326088-20.patch911 bytesmatalote
#19 Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 14.40.09.jpg400.79 KBdgleeson1000
#18 instantánea3.png5.28 KBjavisr
#18 some_description-1388832-2.patch908 bytesjavisr
#16 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388832-16.patch908 bytesronnienorwood
#16 patch-1970096.png32.25 KBronnienorwood
#15 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388832-15.patch908 bytesafinnarn
#15 1388832-rewrite-description-for-url-alias.png40.81 KBafinnarn
#14 1388832-patch-applied-fixed.png8.46 KBtoastieAlex
#14 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388832-14.patch909 bytestoastieAlex
#13 1388832-patch-applied-fixed.png8.46 KBtoastieAlex
#13 1326088-rewrite-desription-for-url-alias.patch909 bytestoastieAlex
#12 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388832-12.patch909 bytesrteijeiro
#11 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388832-11.patch908 bytesrteijeiro
#10 1388832 change.png14.23 KBkweigand
#10 rewrite-url-description-1388832-10.patch908 byteskweigand
#9 patch-fix-screenshot.png6.34 KBmkostrzewa
#9 rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388832.patch908 bytesmkostrzewa
#6 1388832.png67.72 KBiaine
#6 Rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388832-6.patch908 bytesiaine
#5 1388832-after-patch-2.png34.7 KBshahinam
#4 rewrite-url-description-1759208-4.patch908 bytesacmaintainer
#4 rewrite_url.png6.72 KBacmaintainer
#3 Create Basic page | drupal8.local_.png6.36 KBcarwin
#3 Updated-url-alias-for-node-form-1388832-3.patch908 bytescarwin
#2 tmp.pdf83.79 KBrobert-drupaler
#2 1326088-rewrite-desription-for-url-alias.patch909 bytesrobert-drupaler
#1 1326088.jpg71.48 KBykhadilkar
#1 1326088-description-of-issue-1.patch908 bytesykhadilkar
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Issue summary: View changes


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Issue summary: View changes


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Issue summary: View changes


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Issue summary: View changes

Updated issue summary.

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Issue summary: View changes

Updated issue summary.

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Attaching my first patch

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Posting a quite novel little patch here. Psych.

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Status: Active » Needs review
908 bytes
6.36 KB

This is the best patch there ever was.

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rewrote the description for the URL.

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34.7 KB

Verified, patch is applying cleanly
and new text is visible when new node is added.
After patch

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Component: User interface » Miscellaneous
908 bytes
67.72 KB

Patch to update the text in the /node/add/*

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Confirmed patch works

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community
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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Needs review
908 bytes
14.23 KB

Patch to update the text in the /node/add/* See attached screenshot.

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Patch for this issue

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Rerolled patch

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Title: Rewrite description for URL alias on node/add/* » #15
Priority: Normal » Minor
Status: Needs review » Closed (duplicate)
40.81 KB
908 bytes

Patch Adams ain't got nothing on this patch!

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Title: #15 » #16
Status: Closed (duplicate) » Reviewed & tested by the community
32.25 KB
908 bytes

Rewrite description for URL alias on node/add/*.

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It works

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I have tested this patch and found that it works.

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Title: #16 » #20
Category: bug » feature
911 bytes
131.05 KB
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Attaching first patch and screenshot

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Patch for Drupal Ladder exercise - URL alias description update.

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Title: #20 » My first patch review
909 bytes
64.21 KB

I have tested this patch. Working perfectly.
Attaching Screenshot and patch

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Issue summary: View changes

Fixed link to instructions

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testing patch upload

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Issue resolved using #2 Patch.
Gr8 Work +1 !!!

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Updated patch for current version

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My patch for this issue.

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Issue summary: View changes
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Fixed the link description on node add form.

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Tested this issue using PATCH in #2
Works fine.It resolves the problem.

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The bug was resolved using patch in #2
Thanks for the patch.

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testing patch exercise

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tested and applied the patch, works fine.

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Confirmed: Patch works.

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Category: Feature request » Bug report
Priority: Minor » Normal
Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Needs review
908 bytes
12.52 KB
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I have applied and tested the patch, and it resolves the problem.

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My first Drupal patch

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Tips for testing more complex patches:

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Assigned: Unassigned » lokeshwaran97
22.68 KB

it works correctly i have no bugs
"about" can be in bold and can be in strong

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The alternative URL for this content. Use a relative path without a trailing slash. For example, type "about" for the about page.

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The patch works..

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133.23 KB

Patch Testing:
Patch Worked

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Title: My first patch review » rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388780-47.patch
908 bytes

patch test:
Patch worked

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The patch in #48 works well

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Title: rewrite-description-for-url-alias-1388780-47.patch » Patch in #2 works well

Applied and tested the #2 patch and it worked