I just installed the latest D6 version of this module, then copied the MCAPI.class.php from the D7, because it wasn't working... After that still did not display my lists I started messing with the code to figure out what was up.

I got the module to work by making the following changes:
41: $this->apiUrl = parse_url("http://api.mailchimp.com/" . $this->version . "/");
2394: $dc = $dc; // Not sure what was going on here before but us1 is not a valid default...
2398: $params["output"] = "json"; // Could not get php to work at all...
2463: $serial = json_decode($response,true); /* second param "true" required so fewer changes are needed in mailchimp.admin.inc */

40: foreach ($lists['data'] as $list) {

So I don't know if this is due to a change in the API or if my system is weird but if you see a blank list in your MailChimp Subscription List and can't get help you can try doing this and it should resolve the issue (just don't update).


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Thanks for this. At least I'm actually seeing the lists now.

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Priority: Normal » Critical

Setting critical because the module doesn't operate without this.

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I'm on D7 and I also get no lists whatsoever.

The instructions above are unfollowable, unfortunately, without any more context. Regardless, I tried to follow them and still got nothing.

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Er -- I apologize -- apparently it was unclear to me that the "Lists" tab shows lists within Drupal. Not within Mailchimp. When I "create" a new list, I sync it with a list already on Mailchimp. Which is right.

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I'm not seeing any of the Mailchimp lists showing up in 7.x-2.8.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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Status: Needs review » Active

This ticket is for version 6. If you just updated, please see #1883984: Fix for "Can't get module to recognize library".

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This is actually a separate problem (fresh install on latest D7) - would you like me to open a separate issue since it is for D7?

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This is related to Drupal 7, but same issue so I think it should be mentioned. (I tried to delete this, so I could move this too http://drupal.org/node/1883984 but no delete option here. Sorry)

FYI: I used latest Drupal 7 dev version. Updated DB, refreshed cache and ran cron.

Now the old list (in Drupal admin/config/services/mailchimp/lists ) is visible, but if I edit the list, and go down to


There is nothing in the select box.

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Version: 6.x-2.6 » 7.x-2.9

I just encountered the same problem on D 7.18. Mailchimp was working great in 2.7, but then updated to 2.9 and now it isn't loading the lists.

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I am also seeing this (fresh install of 7.x-2.9, not upgrading from previous).

Status page says mailchimp is OK but no lists sho, even when I click refresh.

I have also cleared caches and ran cron and still no lists.

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I notice that all the refresh lists from mailchimp button does is clear the mailchimp cache, not actually fetch lists from mailchimp.

That button text is confusing. (#1889814: The "Refresh lists from MailChimp" button does not do what it describes)

I have also tried cron a couple more times.
There are no mailchimp related errors or watchdog entries.

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Fix requested!

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I reverted back to 2.7 and it works fine.

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Hi jzavri, how did you revert back? Just put back the old module? No DB changes needed?

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There are no database updates between 2.7 & 2.9, however the activity sub-module is new so if you have enabled it it will have to be uninstalled before downgrading.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

resolved in 7.x-2.10: this bug only appeared when the PHP global setting "arg_separator.output" was set to something other than "&": on all our test environments, it happens to be set to "&". The code has been changed in 7.x-2.10 to enforce this regardless of the setting in PHP.ini.

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Issue tags: -workaround

confirmed 2.10 has fixed this issue... Thanks.