I've been hunting for a simple module that would let me auto-scroll some text and I can't find anything. Can anyone suggest something?

Ideally I'm after a single line of text that could scroll across my drupal site somewhere near the top. But a block that scrolled vertically would also be ok. I'd like to be able to specify the text as part of the module / block configuration, ie. it would be manually updated (say once a week) rather than auto-generated. Does anything like this exist?

If nothing exists, does anyone have suggestions on the best way to create such a module. I imagine javascript's involved ...


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This is a handy standalone thingy (that claims to be portable across browsers, not IE-only). I could incorporate it into a block I suppose. I was really after a Drupal module though.

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Dear Nancy
how can one use these with Drupal...where shld one paste these..it says..that one can paste this between body tags..i presume..this will make it useful for static html pages..
but suppose i want a marquee on each page just below or above the header..how wld i do it..

in the block..i can guess..it might work

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this is one thing i always want to do..but i face some issues...
the whole thing looks nasty ...usually..say....i put a block up there..in the header...the normal size shld be about 220 pix..but it stretches to the full page witdth...

the next block sits below it...

i wld like to be able to put one block next to the other..and this way..have 3-4 blocks spread across the width...this wld be cool.

or else..if i can put 3-4 blocks on top of content..rather than at the bottom as the options allow..in a similar manner..that wld be nice too...

i heard this can be done with panels..is there no other way??


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You can change the regions in your theme. There is a section in the handbook on how to do that.

But the new LiteJazz theme has a bunch of top regions already defined.

Nancy W.
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Try taxomomy ticker module.


See this live on www.la2day.com

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I'd read about this one. It scrolls node titles for nodes that have a particular taxonomy term, which is similar to what I want. But I really want to be able to edit the scrolling text, quickly in one place. Does anything do that?

BTW, I looked at la2day. Which page has a taxonomy ticker?

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Ticker appears on all pages on la2day.

Pay attention towards top right below site header.

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Good day

i found ticker modules in my drupal site. but how to add ticker in the content page? what is the exact code? [view:taxonomy_ticker]?

tq bro.