Last updated 10 May 2007.

We are thrilled to announce that Google will be sponsoring 20 Drupal projects for Summer of Code 2007. The students, their projects, and the mentors for each are listed below. As the summer progresses, these students will be turning to the community for support and for help testing their work. To keep up-to-date with all of the latest SoC developments, please join the SoC 2007 working group and help out in whatever ways you can.

The projects this year show a strong focus on the core Drupal software and the infrastructure that makes run. For example, the translation, metrics, and RCS abstraction projects all intend to make project management on better in some way. The two core theme projects will help make Drupal a prettier and flashier looking software, and the search project will help make finding things with Drupal a bit easier.

Two projects focused on staging and scalability will help make Drupal more robust, two projects focusing on Drupal file handling will help shore up known weaknesses in that area. Two projects aiming to improve the taxonomy system will bring welcome extension to one of Drupal's best features, taxonomy, and the RSS/Atom project will help keep Drupal ahead of the curve in feed parsing.

Beyond that, it is easy to like projects that promise Ebay Integration, an SMS framework, Jabber integration, SVG support, a BitTorrent tracker, link autocompletion and extensions to the Case Tracker module. There is something for everyone.

Thank you to Google for the unbelievably generous support. This represents $100,000 worth of financial contributions to Drupal development, $10,000 of which will be donated to the Drupal Association. Google has helped Drupal become what it is today, and with this new support, the Drupal that emerges from the Summer of 2007 will be far better than it could have been otherwise.

Name Project Mentors
Gábor Hojtsy Tools for Drupal translation teams and users Gerhard Killesreiter (killes), Konstantin Käfer (kkaefer), Derek Wright (dww)
Andrew Morton (drewish) Project quality metrics system Angela Byron (webchick), Derek Wright (dww)
Maxim Khitrov (VokinLoksar) Implementation of Jabber/XMPP communications interface James Walker (walkah), Fabiano Sant'Ana (wundo)
Jakob Petsovits (jpetso) RCS abstraction for the Project module Andy Kirkham (AjK), Derek Wright (dww)
Klaas Van Waesberghe (instromaniac) New Drupal Core Theme Steven Wittens, Mark Janssen
Matthias Hutterer (mh86) Taxonomy Manager Nicholas Thompson, Konstantin Käfer (kkaefer), Ruben Canlas Jr. (cryptonomikon/benc)
Anthony Oliver Extend Case Tracker Module Jeff Eaton, Sugree Phatanapherom (sugree)
Amila Sampath (lucksy) Designing a new core theme Ted Serbinski, Mark Janssen, Steven Wittens
Balazs Dianiska SVG Drawing support Simon Hobbs (sime/emspace), Gerhard Killesreiter (killes)
Aron Novak RSS/Atom Aggregation for Drupal Modules and Install Profile Ken Rickard, Károly Négyesi (chx), David Norman (deekayen), Alex Barth
Scott Hadfield (hadsie) Scalability, Load Balancing, and High Availability Khalid Baheyeldin (kbahey), Rok Žlender, Owen Barton (grugnog)
Jakob Perz (hideout) Ebay Integration Module Gordon Heydon (gordonh), Simon Hobbs
Blake Joseph Lucchesi (blucches) Improving Drupal's Search Robert Douglass, Ruben Canlas Jr (cryptonomikon/benc)
Christopher P. Bradford (bradfordcp) Drupal BitTorrent Tracker Module Károly Négyesi, Shakur Shidane (flk), Heine Deelstra (Heine), Sugree Phatanapherom (sugree)
Kyle Cunningham (CitizenKane) Private versus Public File Handling for Drupal Darrel O'Pry (dopry), Heine Deelstra (Heine)
Allister Beharry (allisterbeharry) Automated Staging Toolkit Rok Žlender, Owen Barton (grugnog)
Benjamin Melançon Community Managed Categories Wolfgang Ziegler (fago), Shakur Shidane (flk), Owen Barton (grugnog)
William L. White SMS Framework Ian Ward, Ted Serbinski
Reinhard Jacobus Spijkerman (reins) Unified File Management James Walker (walkah), Darrel O'Pry (dopry), Dan DeGeest (dldege)
Gartheeban Ganeshapillai (garthee) Autocompletion of Links Kaustubh Srikanth, Dan DeGeest (dldege)


BioALIEN’s picture

Well done. This will keep everyone busy for the summer :)

It's a very good mix and I will be watching some of them very closely.

iScene Interactive ::

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I'll be following a couple of these projects with interest.
This sort of support (and of course sponsorship) should really help to get more folk involved and enthusiastic about Drupal development. Congratulations to all successful applicants!

How to troubleshoot Drupal |

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Congratulations are due to everyone involved. This is an awesome result for each student, the mentors, and for Drupal and Open Source in general for sure.

Knaddison Family | mmm Free Range Burritos

-- :)

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Another student and myself have been accepted for SoC 2007 to work for the Oregon State University Open Source Lab to develop integration modules between Drupal and the Google Apps API. Even outside of Drupal, there are SoC projects using Drupal. It just goes to show how Drupal can't be beat!

frankcarey’s picture

Ah, this is a very interesting project for me, as we have an apps account, and I would love to extend it into the Drupal framework. Been looking at this for a while, and I'm glad someone saw the need. Kudos!

Frank Carey

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The list looks exciting... two new core themes would be killer, and I'd be interested in what sort of rating system gets cooked up for projects. Just a quick plug for simplicity... make it easy to use and very easy to read at a glance. I'd love to use the eBay work as a foundation for the Ubercart eBay integration, too... hope that goes well. : )

Did anyone else take the time to translate the binary on the Google SoC logo? Just another clever design by the folks at Google.

Dries’s picture

That's great news! Good work, guys and girls! :)

Students can find me in the patch queue -- I'd be happy to review their SoC patches for core.

Thanks you, Google.

Wim Leers’s picture

20 slots.... that's awesome!

And although I have stepped back from SoC and from my proposals, I see that 2 of my proposals got in! Woohoo! Great!

VokinLoksar and bradfordcp: just let me know when you need testers, I'll be there ;)

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Yeah that's good news and congrats to all those who are involved in this.

It'll definitely be a busy summer I guess. |

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Great news,
This is a really big thing. I hope next version will include all these new features.
By the way when the next version will be released.
Sharique uddin Ahmed Farooqui
IT head,

Sharique Ahmed Farooqui

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This is great news!

Looking forward to see how these projects develop over the summer.



Tools for Teachers

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Balazs Dianiska = snufkin

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Robert and Angie awesome work on this - that goes for all the mentors. The vetting of these projects was really exciting to watch. I can't wait to see what comes out of this!

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Great list of proyects. Good luck for the students and mentors.
Thanks Google for the support =}

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Yay... on "Designing a new core theme for Drupal"
Taken from

The goal of this project is to build an aesthetically pleasing core theme for Drupal.

Despite the numerous elegant sites that have been created and beautiful themes developed, Drupal is perceived by many to be lagging behind other CMSs when it comes to 'look and feel'. One of the main strengths of Drupal could itself be the reason for this problem: flexibility. A generic theme will have to incorporate each aspect of Drupal whereas a typical site would only need 20% - 30% percent of these features. Also, designing without knowing the target audience, content and marketing goals is a difficult task, and the results may not be applicable to many situations.

A good core theme would have to address the needs of applicability, customizability and flexibility to ensure easy adoption by the users. It will have to be usable, standards compliant, and accessible. Garland is a good example of how these goals could be achieved, and how effort put in to design could really pay off. It would be wonderful for both Drupal and Drupal users if there were more options to choose from, without compromising on the features. That's where a new core theme would be very useful.

The project to create a new theme would be done in four phases:

1. Initial Research: I will need to educate myself better on the Drupal project itself, the processes, the designers and their views, as well as the requirements of a core theme.

2. Visual Design: Based on my initial understanding of the requirements, I will create the first mockup of the design. This would be improved through an iterative process where I would work closely with the mentor and the relevant experts and community members. As a relative newcomer to Drupal, I would need the guidance and assistance of Drupal designers to ensure the design meets the needs of the community.

3. HTML Template: The finalized mockup would be converted to an HTML template. I would use valid, semantically correct XHTML markup, and valid CSS. Drupal has good accessibility features out-of-the-box[1], so I will make sure we improve on them.

4. PHPTemplate theme: In the final phase of the project, I will work on converting the HTML template in to a fully-fledged Drupal theme. As in earlier phases, I would rely on the assistance of my mentor and other Drupal experts to make sure the project has a successful result.


seanr’s picture

I build custom themes from scratch. All I pulled from Garland was the php files and stuff like the bullets and tabs. I'm doing extremely customized designs, though, probably not an average drupaler in that respect. Here's some of my best work (the first one won a silver Pollie award):

I think what I'm going to do is actually package a barebones framework-type theme and put it in CVS. I don't really like any of the Drupal themes as starting points because they are either too complex or are not XHTML/CSS compliant.

Sean Robertson

Steven’s picture

There are already a handful of "base theme" projects in contrib. The last thing we need is another one. Instead, you could work on unifying them.

If you have a problem, please search before posting a question.

shouchen’s picture

Sean, your themes look fantastic. I would welcome another base theme into CVS, especially if a step-by-step tutorial is also available. I would be interested in seeing details about HOW you created such great-looking themes.

Lenen’s picture

Have you heard of him?!

Steven’s picture

The core theme project was proposed here on, like many of the others:

If you have a problem, please search before posting a question.

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man, i'm in very good company. with all the other exciting projects it's going to be hard to keep from looking over everyone's shoulders and mind my own business. congratulations to all the other participants.

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Hi I am Gartheeban Ganeshapillai, and my drupal link is missing in the list. [edit -- I fixed it -- chx]
My User ID is : 125748

thanks for selecting my proposal for GSoC

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That is great! Congratulations everybody.

Walt Esquivel’s picture

I'm delighted to hear we have so many exciting projects being worked on by so many bright and eager minds!

Thanks to Google for their ongoing support, to the folks participating in the Google SoC, to Robert Douglass for helping put this all together, and of course to the many mentors who always so helpfully step up to the plate to lend a hand and help out.

Keep up the great work!

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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Go Drupal, go drupal !Congratulations Drupal

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The only problem with seeing so many good ideas being tackled as Summer Of Code Projects is that now I actually have a reason for wanting summer to end just so I can see the results.

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Congratulations! Can't wait to see the results.

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I just wanted to shout a "big up" for Drupal wich every day makes me feel that it is the right choice for now and the future of web developement!

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Congratulations! I wondering why I love so much Google ;) ?

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To all the guys and gals that got their projects accepted in the SoC,
May they all become very important modules - and one day part of core.

GiorgosK (=kongeo)
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Holy cow, congrats! Looking through the list of projects we are indeed lucky to have gotten 20 slots. Most others seem to have maybe half dozen.

Best of luck!

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The following code snippet in the RSS description of this article causes many RSS readers to automagically launch a new browser window, "digging" this article:

<div style="float: left; margin-right: 1em; margin-bottom: 1em;"><iframe src='' height='82' width='55' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'></iframe></div>

This is bogus. If Drupal article contributors continue to repeat this practice, I'll stop reading your articles.

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Grats,sure ,digg have more spam these days.
Some one are selling diggs for 4 usd. lol

My drupalsite:
Maple Story Mesos | Vanguard power leveling

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If you go to "" (the url in the iframe), you don't actually digg the story, you simply get a widget that can be clicked to digg the story.

Still, no sane RSS reader should be opening iframes in new windows. I have no trouble seeing these digg widgets in the body in NewsFire for example.

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wow, it sounds great! Really usefull and interesting projects. I'm looking with pleasure on how Drupal is developing all the time, and trying to keep abreast of it ;)

best of luck!

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Looking forward to new devs... More power to drupal!

jerome esperanza
manila, philippines