Is anyone doing event registration with Drupal Commerce handling payment? We would love to hear what you're using, and how you've set this up.

We need to implement event registration and payment, for a non-profit organization (so at least tax isn't an issue). We're testing Drupal Commerce with the new Entity Registration module on our dev site; each works nicely, but separately, so far; we don't know how to make the register+pay process seamless for the user.
We're open to using other than Entity Registration, if someone else has a working solution in Drupal 7.

Thanks for any pointers!


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That's a real bummer Ricki. I'll ask around the office and let you know if I get any replies. It's entirely possible that there simply isn't anything that does this signup/reservation/payment automatically without some custom development.

I know it's not ideal, but you you should still be able to sell spots in a class without some of the integration that the signup module would give you. For example, if the courses are set up as products (which I believe you did), you could set the inventory to be the class size. Then people should still be able to buy admission into the course, the spot will be reserved, etc.

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We do have ‘registration’ and ‘payment’ functionality working separately on our dev site.

Registration is handled by a new module “Entity Registration”, which was built with Drupal Commerce in mind; the payment functionality is handled by Commerce. The problem is that these two modules don’t know about each other, and work separately, which makes things look disjointed for the user.

We’d love to find someone who has a better, working solution for event registration on D7. From the forum postings, it looks like a lot of folks are waiting for this.

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The signup module and signup pay modules might work, signup pay is in a dev state, but it might be stable enough to work for you now.

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Thanks for this suggestion, but it looks like signup is also just dev for D7 right now; it's also not clear how/if Signup will work nicely with Drupal Commerce, since Commerce products are entities, not nodes.

Signup_pay looks like it has been abandoned...

If anyone has implemented Signup in Drupal 7, with Commerce handling payments, we'd love to hear about it!

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The best option to do group event registration, and offer discounts right now is Commerce module(

The thing with Commerce is that you can add fields to each product that you sell, so you can make a product "Event Name" and add fields that users have to fill out before they register. See the video at

You can add multiple guests/participants fields to the registration form with the Field Collection Module

In addition to that, you can give discounts to people who register early. see video at

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Check out the video podcast, this could be a better solution.

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Curious if anyone has found a one-stop-shop for this? All of the proposed methods so far could work for some situations, but are not ideal when the event registration price contains many variables (additional registrants, vendor fees, meal fees, etc.).

Right now my tactic is to use a webform to collect the data, then proceed to a manual entry payment box to make the payment. Not a great user experience, but it works.