I am working with the imagecache module and have it up and running nicely but I have no idea what the "Flush Preset Images" function is for. Is it going to delete the files? Anyone have a good idea of the purpose flushing. Thanks!


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It flushes the modified images from the cache. It's useful if you change your presets or image files in some way, and you don't want people seeing the old images anymore.

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i have a thumbnail option ...

now some images become smaller...however some larger files dont...dunno why..

hence the size is absurd at time :(

1.what can i do about this..is it becoz someone tried to upload from IE..or becoz files were large..is there a way to impose size on file upload for imagefield.

2. after flushing the preset images..i lost the old pics...from the files..will new ones get created..if so when..and how..anything i need to do for this..


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So does it delete the images?

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My gallery of thumbnails was displaying incorrectly, so I flushed them. They were all automatically recreated, and when I reloaded the gallery, everything was perfect.

Hope that helps. :)