Creating a feature request on this project, to match #1036780: should collect stats on enabled sub-modules and core modules.

This issue is about collecting, storing and processing the new data.

For display, see #1627676: Display stats on enabled components (e.g. modules included in a project)

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#1036780: should collect stats on enabled sub-modules and core modules is committed to D8 and currently in the process of being backported to D7. We need someone to start driving this issue from the side of things.

The new URL will look something like this, with the list parameter being new (%2c is a URL-encoded comma):[sitekey]&version=[version]&list=[module1]%2c[module2]%2c[more modules...>]
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Is beink my job.

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I'll have to update the regexp to see the new info and stick it into storage.
I will also have to double check the vcl to ensure that it continues to cache.

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Cool, thanks! FYI, I edited the summary to provide a bit more context and to link to #1627676: Display stats on enabled components (e.g. modules included in a project) to discuss where/how to display this data.


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Note: The system handles the new syntax just fine with no changes.

Here's a _completely_ untested patch that theoretically adds storage for the components.

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Clean patch. Look like this needs a review, isn't it?

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added a bit more context to the summary, and added a link to #1627676 for display

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Patches have been committed to D7 and D8 to enable us to collect more information about installed contrib modules, sub modules, and core modules. But it seems we still need to loop back and get to listen for this info, record it, and ultimately display it somewhere useful.

I think this patch does some of that, but it's dropped off the radar a bit whilst we've been focussing on other things. I wonder if we can pick up this thread again, now that there's a team at the DA working on D.O.

Unassigning from @bdragon for now, to open up for someone else to take a look.

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So... apparently, we've all been sending this data for some time now, but not collecting it.

We should really look at fixing that.

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We've been collecting it, and parsing it, and have it stored on loghost since feb 2015. We can probably close this issue and ensure that the follow up is followed up on #1627676: Display stats on enabled components (e.g. modules included in a project)

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So, that means we've got a year's worth of data to play with!


Thanks @mixologic and @bdragon.

I'm going to take the plunge and call this fixed!

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.