When i go to the manage display tab of the content type, then chose a different style for the fivestar widget, it does not seem to have any effect at all. Whatever i choose it always comes back to the "default" style.

Is this an open bug , or am i doing something wrong ?



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I just tested this and it seems to work ok. Where are you seeing the wrong widget style? On the node edit page or the node display?

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same here...

i'm using the fivestar field in comments.
i changed the style in admin/structure/types/manage/product_display/comment/display with no effect.


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@brunorios1 thanks for the feedback. But are you running the latest version? I'm testing this and everything seems to be working correctly.

Also remember that the display settings are used for when the fivestar field is being render on the page. So if you want to change the widget style when a user is going to comment then you actually want to change it over at admin/structure/types/manage/product_display/comment/fields/ not the display setting.

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Status: Active » Fixed

I just added test for this.

The test make sure that we can switch the widgets display style around on an exposed filter with the exposed settings off.

With the addition of these test and my previous comment, I'm going to make this issue as closed.

Please feel free to open it if you're still experiencing a problem. If so please make sure to add steps to reproduce.



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Status: Fixed » Active

thanks @ericduran!

i went to the url that you suggested and i found the "STAR DISPLAY OPTIONS".
i was not finding cause this options are collapsed.
but now i changed the style and it's working perfectly!


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Status: Active » Fixed

@brunorios1 awesome.

It seems we had a cross post. So I'm marking this ticket back to close and removing the test tag.

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just one question:

is possible to display a widget in the node page with the average results of the sum of all comment votes?


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@brunorios1 yes it is.

I'll try to explain it here. Please read all the directions carefully as I have to admit, it is not the simplest process.

1st you're going to want to create a new Tag for these votes. So go to the admin/config/content/fivestar and add a new tag. Lets call it reviews. Save the form.

So now in the tag field you should have "votes, reviews"

Ok Now lets go to the Node form and lets add a new Fivestar Field. (Lets call this Average Comment Rating). This part is important:
The widget type MUST be: Stars (rated while viewing). (Is ok, we'll disable this so users can't vote on the node) but this widget must be selected for it to work.

When you hit save You're going to be in the FIELD SETTINGS Page. It is important that you change the Tag to be the new tag we just created. So I'm going to switch from vote to "Rating" on the select list. Then lets hit "Save field Settings"

On the Next screen (the Instance settings) You can keep the default settings. Just make sure that under Voting Tag "Reviews" is still selected.

Ok Now we must disable this field from actually being rated on.
So lets go to the display settings for this field on the node, Now lets click the settings button (is the icon on the right side) for this field.
You're going to see a checkbox that says "Expose this Fivestar field for voting in the Default display on the Article type." Lets uncheck this checkbox and hit save.

Ok so now the node part is done. Now we must do the comment section.

So lets go to the comment field display for the same node type we just added our field to.
Here you can either add a new field or select the same field you used in the node display. There's a couple of very important options you must select here in order for it to work.
The widget on the comment field must be "Stars (rated while editing)" - This is the opposite of the node display. Also after you save that and you're taken to the"FIELD SETTINGS", The voting Tag MUST be the same tag as before. So lets just stick to the example and select "Reviews", we'll hit Save field settings and move to the other screen.

Now on this screen (The instance settings screen), you will see you have an extra option call "Voting target". By default the voting target is going to be "None", You must change that to "Parent Node". Once you do that, just double check below that the "Voting tag" Is still the same and hit save settings.

Wow, thats a lot ;)

This should be all thats required. Now whats going to happens is that every time a new comment is added with a fivestar rating, the rating is going to be cast against the parent node for that tag. And because we set up a field on the node, to display the average of that tag, the node will aggregate that tag an display it.

Now some key things to note. This is only going to work if everything is selected as describe above. The correct widgets must be selected, same goes for the correct tags.

Hope this helps. Feel free to create a new Documentation ticket if you need more help and I'll try to get some screenshots. The reason why is not completely documented now is because I'm waiting to finishing the work on d7 to make a couple of videos explaining the changes.

Let me know if this is helpful.

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Sorry for the delay, seems to be working now on the latest dev release. Thanks for the help.

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I'm trying to create a custom star set.. not sure where to place the folder in Drupal 7? Should it go inside the widgets folder like the ones that ship with the module? - that doesn't seem to show in the STAR DISPLAY OPTIONS list when I put it here. Would like it to be in my theme folder if possible...

For now I just replaced the basic set icons with my own and selected that one. Works, but I know that's not the best way.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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@ericduran. I have written out a step by step, using your outline in #8 (Thanks for it BTW. I couldn't have gotten then working without it) and polished it up a bit. http://drupal.org/node/1308114

if you want to have a second go at it I am sure it could you another set of eyes.

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Only one question: in your example, the same rating field can be used with more content types, or every content type needs its rating field with its own tag?

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@mader. Yes. AFAIK

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one question: the node field "average rating" should save the average value in the db after every vote or just calculate and display?

i'm asking because i'm trying to index the average field in a search database, but although the node field display the correct average value, this field is always empty in the database.

thank you.

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any progress on this one?

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Issue summary: View changes

Just wanted to add my +1 for #3. The collapsed fieldset of widget options effectively hid it from view for me, and had me troubleshooting the display settings instead.