Showing the difference between fixed and responsive videos.
Showing how the video can scale in a responsive site.

If you have a responsive website and you want to embed video and other <iframe> content, then you need this module.

It uses the FitVids.js library for fluid width video embeds (e.g. flash video in <iframe>s). You don't need it for pure HTML5 videos.

It supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Kickstarter by default, and can use it with other video providers like Facebook or Viddler.

It's useful if you are using a responsive theme (such as Bootstrap, AdaptiveTheme, Omega or Zen), and want the videos to scale.


jQuery selectors

You can usually use the defaults. It assumes that you'll want to apply it to all videos in a div with class="region". If your theme uses a different class or id, or you only want to target certain videos, you can specify that class/id in the video containers field. You can use any valid jQuery selector, e.g.,


You can specify as many containers as you want.

Video providers

Not all players will work with FitVids, but you can try it out by adding the domain (in the Custom iframe URLs field).


Uses the Libraries API. You'll also need to download the jQuery plugin from before you can enable the module. Place it in the /sites/all/libraries/fitvids folder.

Works best with jQuery 1.7 or above (use jquery_update or add a newer version to your theme manually), but you should be OK with the version that ships with Drupal.

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