Hello Everyone,

I am having a difficult time trying to install the PHP mbstring extension that Druple suggests you install for better Unicode support.

How do I install the mbstring extension in PHP?




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You'd be better off looking on the forums/support area for your operating system/distribution. But first run a php info (there's one built into drupal now I think, or certainly in the development module) to check your configuration and make sure it's not already installed.

If you're on a shared host, you'll probably have to ask them to enable it.

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I'm using my local machine (local host). How do I install this? The PHP documentation is assuming that I know how to "--enable-mbstring" and I certainly don't.


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On my redhat based server, I installed the PHP mbstring extension thus:
sudo yum install php-mbstring
sudo /sbin/service httpd restart

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sudo port install php5-mbstring
apachectl restart

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I am trying to upload and install Drupal 6.19 onto my Earthlink server. The install won't continue until I install mbstring extension. I am fairly new to PHP and MySQL - is this something my hosting company (Earthlink) has to install?

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I was searching online for how to install the mbstring extension and found this article in the results. Even though the forum is from 2010, I though I could point the way to help people that find this page. The forum comments don't directly address how to install the mbstring extension. I wrote an article on this that give clear step by step information on how to install the extension. Please check this tutorial on Installing the mbstring extension with Easy Apache.

Hope this helps this forum.
James R

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@james-r. Thanks for the tutorial - just what I needed.