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There are differences between the fields available in Drupal 6 and 7. The metadata fields became formatters. To know how to deal with that check this page.

Detailed info about upgrading Drupal can be found on the documentation page and in the latest version of UPGRADE.txt. See the MAJOR VERSION UPGRADE part of this file.

These are the main steps. Remember to backup your files and database dump before proceeding!

  1. Disable all non-core modules
  2. Remove all directories from your installation folder, but keep the "sites" directory.
  3. Delete default.settings.php (you can find it in sites/default)
  4. Copy over Drupal 7 files and folders, except the "sites" folder
  5. Set $update_free_access = TRUE; in sites/default/settings.php
  6. Run update.php
  7. Set $update_free_access = FALSE; in settings.php
  8. Set your timezone options (Drupal7 will ask you to do this)
  9. Migrate the brightcove video field

The migration can be done using the Content Migrate module (part of CCK). On the page /admin/structure/content_migrate select yor field and click "Migrate selected fields".

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.