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MD5: cb4c4e9797d1867e1eea31adc16cc940
SHA-1: a0b9b0edabd99d6fd8170532e6e2bc16a26508f1
SHA-256: 5bee990458e5d634e2be59fcad59215ce89e7604a9ddd4f0940524554e6aa239
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MD5: 8181657a359cc2628af638885d6d5dad
SHA-1: d72ca5899624c852b92bcf6c626e015e5ab3e610
SHA-256: 0302edc731add375a6f37ad6cffdafca13057552fe97fba6b0c05fa2ee4f7a1a
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/feeds:^2.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: Dave Reid
Created on: 28 Jun 2011 at 22:54 UTC
Last updated: 28 Jun 2011 at 22:56 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-2.0-alpha3:

  • #1161810: Fixed declaration of FeedsSource::instance() should be compatible with that of FeedsConfigurable::instance().
  • #1201638: Plugins should be listed in as files[] records for the class registry.
  • #1149226: Fixed invalid message parameter passed into feeds_log from FeedsProcessor::process().
  • #1044882 by rfay, Dave Reid: Fixed indexes for {feeds_item} are too long and can cause problems during install or uninstall.
  • Fixing PHP strict error in _parser_common_syndication_atom10_parse().
  • Added support for feeds hooks to be located in
  • #1191554: Fixed failures in FeedsUIUserInterfaceTestCase.
  • #1191564: Use FeedsWebTestCase for FeedsDateTimeTest.
  • #1191494 by twistor, Dave Reid: Fixed link to node type feed importer did not use node_access().
  • #1191450: Fixed mismatch of arguments for t().
  • Fixed possible XSS with field labels in Feed importer mapping settings.
  • Fixed coder violations and standards.
  • #723548: Added unit tests for feeds_valid_url().
  • Fixed PHP notice with undefined variables in http_request_get_common_syndication().
  • #723548: Added support for feed URLs with feed:// and webcal://.
  • Fixed error when calling form_set_error() and title field on follow-up to fix feed node title fields not actually un-required.
  • #1191210: Added feeds_field_extra_fields() so the 'Feed' fieldset can be re-ordered through the Field UI.
  • #1191194: Fixed test failure in FeedsCSVtoUsersTest due to lack of 'administer users' permission.
  • #1191200: Fixed display of the description field on the feed item content type.
  • Re-exported features with latest code.
  • Test cleanup.
  • #1066286: Added test to ensure 'Feed items' doesn't display on non-feed nodes.
  • Use hook_form_node_form_alter() rather than hook_form_alter().
  • Simplify FeedsMapperTestCase::createContentType() using DrupalWebTestCase::drupalCreateContentType().
  • #983220 by twistor: Fixed field mapper tests failed due to number.module not being enabled.
  • #1085092 by pfrenssen: Fixed module_list() is called twice in feeds_alter().
  • Fixes and cleanups to tests.
  • Use fetchObject() rather than fetch() since it is more explicit.
  • #1008384 by twistor: Fixed feeds not pulling publication date with feed using dc:date and RSS 2.0.
  • #769084: Fixed use of isset() rather than !empty() causes import problems with _parser_common_syndication_RSS20_parse().
  • #914210 by jyee, Dave Reid: Added mapper for user raw password.
  • #974494: Fixed PHP notice 'Undefined property: stdClass::$openid in FeedsUserProcessor->entitySave()'.
  • #1134684 by rfay, Dave Reid: Fixed improper parameters for file_field_widget_uri().
  • #1055582: Fixed strict notice that FeedsDateTime::setTimezone() is not compatible with DateTime::setTimezone().
  • #1085194: Not all selected mappings are removed.
  • #1032640: Added basic token integration.
  • #1066806: Use hook_entity_insert/update/delete rather than separate node, taxonomy term, and user hooks.
  • #1066822: Fixed bugs and inconsistencies with test files and getInfo() declarations.
  • #1066810: Fixed list of 'Expire nodes' options in FeedsNodeProcessor.
  • #1066286: Fixed 'View items' tab added to all content types.
  • updated CHANGELOG.txt with new commits
  • #1048642 by greg.harvey: Check for remove_flags in Feeds UI before using that variable.
  • #1011958 by David Goode: Allow hashes to be updated when content in a feed is updated.
  • #967018 by jcarlson34, David Goode, alex_b: Mapping to String lists not supported
  • Stripping CVS keywords


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