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Here was one suggestion (old vs. new), since people *did* find the "Edit shortcuts" link on the bar:

Move 'Add' link next to 'Edit' in shortcut bar

This could be particularly effective if "Add" popped up a prompt asking if you wanted to add the current page or some other page.

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I don't think the pop-up prompt for adding new shortcuts provides that much value, since you can add arbitrary new ones from the "Edit" page too. Also, it's unclear what happens in that case if the current page is already a shortcut.

So maybe instead, the link could move to the shortcut bar but just say "Add current page" and take effect immediately, like it does now (and possibly say "Remove current page" if the current page is already a shortcut, also like it does now).

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Its a small wrinkle in this plan but how do we reconcile the "Add" link disappearing for non-admin pages. Right now the add shortcut widget is enabled via the themes info file - this works OK right now because its clear that its only for Admin pages (only Seven has this enabled). I agree its not the best/most discoverable widget and we need to improve it, not sure if moving it up the bar solves all the issues.

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If we went with the design here, I assume we'd just get rid of the restriction that the "Add" link only appears in certain places (see also #674394: The add/remove shortcut buttons look bad and don't appear in most themes besides Seven). That restriction never made a whole lot of sense to me, and with this new design I think it would make sense to just show it on every page.

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I like this idea, with David's suggestions in #2. I think it's more intuitive. I never agreed with restricting the functionality to administrative pages, so +1 for showing this on every page.

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I'm fine discussing removing the restriction to admin pages a bit, but it is out of scope of what this issue needs to fix.

Thanks for the mockup webchick. I do wonder if now it is clear enough *what* will get added. I would be hesitant to drop the 'shortcut' keyword here. "Add shortcut" maybe?

Maybe somebody else has an idea on how we can make this more discoverable while still being close to the page title? Having it near to the page title should communicate more clearly the *what* gets added as a shortcut (but less clear on where it will end up).

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I would favor an approach that allows people to add the "current page" and a new page.

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Kind of "proof of concept" patch is attached. Works only when overlay is inactive.

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An improved version of the implementation. Combined all the links into one link with a gear icon (just like the contextual menu for node edition/delete). Still works only when overlay is inactive.

The gear icon image should be saved at modules/shortcut/images/gear-select.png .

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Attached are screenshots of the system when patch #9 is applied.

This shows the state when a page is loaded. The shortcut admin menu is closed and only the icon is shown to the user.

Next, when the user clicks the shortcut admin menu, a list of options will be shown in a pull-down menu style.

If the current page is already registered in the current shortcut set, "Add current page" link is gone, and instead the user can see "Remove" link in the pulldown menu.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)


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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Active

Please explain how this is outdated or fixed while closing.

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@yoroy @aiwata55

Actually I misread the summary. I thought it was to add "edit shortcuts" to the bar and we had already done it. This makes total sense. But if we want to get it in we need aiwata55 to re-roll the patch because that is definitely out of date. :)

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I didn't see this issue exist while I was creating my own. Added this one to related in mine #2170947: Visual cleanup of Edit shortcuts link.

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Version: 8.x-dev » 7.x-dev
Issue summary: View changes

Since some time now, Drupal 8 has much-more-prominent "star" icons to add a page to the shortcuts.

Moving back to D7.

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