I'm collaborating with someone on a new project - we talked about installing a module to carry a calendar of upcoming events. I suggested we install the EVENT module, which I've used before and found pretty straightforward. He installed the CALENDAR module, which doesn't appear to have any way of adding new nodes/events that I can see. Tried searching for the solution on drupal and found quite a few threads on the subject with people similarly confused about EVENT vs CALENDAR module, so just wanted to try and clarify what exactly the CALENDAR module does before we remove it from our project.

Has anyone used the CALENDAR module and found it worthwhile as a way of presenting forthcoming events? Or done a comparison of CALENDAR and EVENT?


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I believe the calendar module you are referring to is the calendar add-on for CCK and views (http://drupal.org/project/calendar). It allows for these modules, working together, to create and display event nodes in various ways. KarenS is the developer of this one, which has made me very interested in it (she has been a very active and innovative developer in recent months). I suppose calendar appeals to me since I am already using views and plan on using CCK. There is a lot of flexibility provided through this approach, potentially. However, I'm not sure if Calendar can do repeating events yet... so I'm in "wait and see" mode.

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Thanks, sounds like I need Events for now, but I'll keep an eye out for the developments with the Calendar.

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Big advantages which I have found with Calendar are that you have a Year view. This is vital for us as most events are whole day events. I customised the theme for this to show different coulors for each day a different type of event is on and it works perfectly. The other main advantage is you can have events over several days which are not consequtive, for example your event can be on monday, tuesday and thursday. This was done using cck's multiple fields and the date module. As far as I could tell theses are not possible in event. Correct me if I am wrong!

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Does the Calendar module allow for recurring events that occur monthly, weekly, or annually? Event Repeat, in conjunction with the event module, can do this... but events cannot do the cool trick with additional, non sequential dates (I don't think). Thanks for the clarification!

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Event Repeat has not been converted to version 5 yet. I ran into the same problem and I don't know how to handle the following:

After School Program
Started from 1/31/2007 to 5/31/2007

I would like to keep this event in the Upcomming Event block until 5/31/2007 but however, it was automatically moved to the past event block as soon as Feb 1, 2007. Is ther anything I can do to work around this problem?

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Which other modules have you installed to get your event functionality? I have installed the Calendar module already.

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I have used Calendar, CCK, Date and Views modules. I created a custom event type with CCK with a field type 'Date' (from date.module), with views you can create a view to view these events as a calendar. Its very flexible as you can customise your date field, your event node type, and your view for the calendar itself.

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Did you just put in three date fields in CCK?

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Has anyone found a solid solution to adding nonconsecutive multi-day events? I am trying to enter a workshop series into the calendar but since the days for the workshop are not on a regular schedule (i.e. 1st Thursday of the months) I can not use the repeat function. I have tried to add additional dates to the event type but that only seems to add info in the description. I can not find a way to add an additional date to the portion that gets submitted to the calendar.

Does anyone know how to basically add one event entry and have it display on the calendar on the multiple nonconsecutive days? I currently have the calendar, event, repeat event, views and cck modules in place.

Any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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On the field that you are using for the calendar date information, enable multiple values.

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This was just the comment I needed to get me to abandon the multi-date feature in Event. It's almost as if the multiple dates of an event should be considered "sub-nodes".

The problem I am now having is in an upcoming events block that I created. I have created a filter to expire any event that doesn't have a date in the future, but it looks like it is always based off of the first date - not the last - which it should. Any ideas?

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I am able to add multiple dates but these dates are not being shown on event calender. Rather after clicking on it. Its showing at description. How can i show them on calender based on selected date?


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I am having trouble with the Calendar and Event Modules similar to those described here. I am new to Drupal, and would greatly appreciate any help.

I would like to have a community Calendar where permissioned users could add events. Should I use Calendar or Event?

I have installed the Calendar Module. I can pull up a page with a calendar, but how do I add events to it? How do I permission others to add events?

I have ftp'd the Event folder to my modules folder on my commercial webhost. However, when I go to the admin/modules page to enable it, there is no choice to enable the Event module -- it does not show up. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

I am using Drupal 5.0.


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Event module is currently not available for Drupal 5.x

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It looks like the event module does work with 5.0, if you download the "head" version. Also, it sounds like there are some lingering issues (with organic groups, for example) so test first!

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Does anyone currently have a site running utilizing the Event Module so I could see what it looks like? If so, please list URL.


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I was frustrated w/ the calendar vs event issue as well. I believe both mods are required to work together.
However, discovered that the calendar.module and the event.module both have a block option. I was running
both and could not seem to determine what went where. In the blocks admin, there is a "calendar" and a "calendar
to browse events". I believe the latter to be the block view for events and not calendar. I turned it off and now
the events and the calendar seem to work flawlessly.

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For creating events and repeating events use the events module. The calendar module is mainly for displaying a date field in a view(as in Views module) in various calendar formats. It is NOT a replacement for the event module, as it will not let you create event nodes.

Think of it like this- you create event/repeat event nodes, but want greater flexibility in displaying those events in various calendar formats of your liking. Simply create a view with a date field in it that takes the event dates and then display your events the way you want.

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Thank you Venkat. I cannot seem to install the EVENT module, however. I have put the event module into my 'modules' folder, but when I go to admin/modules, it does not show up as a choice to enable. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

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The module format changed between Drupal 4 and 5. So if you use a v4 module, it will maybe not work in v5.


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Just a quick comment,

I am not 100% familiar with Calendar, although I know it integrates with CCK and has a nice iCal module. What I do know is that the Events Module integrates with Organic Groups (og calendar) giving each group a separate calendar of events. This is a very nice and useful feature.

Jen Wolfe

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What I do know is that the Events Module integrates with Organic Groups (og calendar) giving each group a separate calendar of events. This is a very nice and useful feature.

That's interesting. I have been looking for reasons why anyone would use the event module, when you can use CCK to create an event node type and then use the calendar module to do the rest. This seems to be one, apart from special event modules such as event repeat, event finder etc.

Do you have any idea if events created with a CCK event node type can be integrated into OG?

Previously user Ramdak.

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Same here. I don't like Events because it requires too much information. But for the life of me I can't get date API, CCK date, and calendar to work with OG since upgrading all the modules.

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Here's a thread that works on integrating calendar with OG titled Calendar + OG : http://drupal.org/node/136968

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Has been discontinued. According to the site it 'duplicates functionality in views.' whatever that means.

I installed the latest versions of event and calendar (+date) and both had serious php and mysql errors, although the calendar ones go away after you create a content type with a date field, and then add that field to the calendar views.

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Has anyone found a solid solution to adding nonconsecutive multi-day events? I am trying to enter a workshop series into the calendar but since the days for the workshop are not on a regular schedule (i.e. 1st Thursday of the months) I can not use the repeat function. I have tried to add additional dates to the event type but that only seems to add info in the description. I can not find a way to add an additional date to the portion that gets submitted to the calendar.

Does anyone know how to basically add one event entry and have it display on the calendar on the multiple nonconsecutive days? I currently have the calendar, event, repeat event, views and cck modules in place.

Any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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As commented here: http://drupal.org/node/114282#comment-195139 I think that you can use CCK-Date field to create an event date inside your node, than you can use "Multiple" (to the CCK field widget settngs) to set multiple date. I never used this solution, even if I'm looking for a "Course Timetable" feature.

Anyone know how can I manage it? I need that a course (an OG group node) could be tagged as a Lesson: it can be done in differents rooms and in different days (without overlapping).. is there a module (or a mixture of modules) that can do that?



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Thank you for the reminder about the multiple option on the widget settings. However, this once again only allows for multiple dates to be displayed in the actual event node. I am still trying to find a way to create one event with multiple nonconsecutive days and have all of the nonconsecutive days display in the calendar. It appears that the entry fields (that are part of the event module )that get pulled into the calendar are locked and all other info can only get posted in the node. I read the earlier entries and I as well have the calendar module but can not enter the multi-day nonconsecutive entry. Could it be because I also have the event module? It seems as though they are suppose to work together but does the event module also limit some of the function if the calendar module is used alone?

I would still appreciate any feedback on if it is even possible to have multiple nonconsecutive dates from one event entry post all days onto the calendar? Thanks.

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My setups worked with CCK-Date, not with event... wit Date-CCK you can give to a node multiple dateStart-dateEnd.. so your calendar will be populated accordly..



ps: do you think that a timetable feature in Calendar could be useful? something like http://thepanz.netsons.org/files/1188488765083.png let me know..


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Thank you for the clarification. It is clear to me now that using the event module locks you into single or consecutive dates showing up in the calendar. I will work at using it without the event module. The feedback has been most helpful. Thank you.

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- yeeloon

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Just a note:

Calendar View integrates, no need to compete with Events module.

I have Civicrm with CiviEvents, Organic Groups, and Event Calendar running. At first I considered all three (Event,Calendar,CiviEvent) as having to be separate entities, which they are, but Calendar utilizes iCal feeds which allows CiviEvents to be input as a feed, and because it is a view, it also can incorporate Events from the Event module. As far as I can tell so far, it respects event permissions with Organic Group Event posts, even without og calendar running. So, basically, Calendar serves to integrate the Drupal Event module, and civicrm civiEvents, you can also input Google Calendar feeds as well. Oh, and Calendar works with cck. Basically, I am a fan of the Calendar view simply because it serves as a bridge to integrate alot of things.


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Was there something Specific you did with the Calendar View to display Events? Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am trying to Integrate Dates and Events in the Calendar View. The Calendar View has Date: time (field_time) as a field, but Events does not use this field. I have been unsuccessful in integrating these views.

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Is the calendar module able to pull events from a Google calendar?

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Answer to my own question: Calendar module allows iCal import and export.

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I struggled with Events and like mad with Calendar (I'm keeping an eye on Calendar)
Then I found the Webcalendar module and I'm in business with everything I need and most everything discussed in this thread - repeating & variable repeating entries, calendar printing, user and or group based calendars, public & private calendars, group calendars, categories, email notifications, attachments (download event flyer), importing & exporting in multiple formats, remote usage, mouseover pop-up entry views, non node based events, and very easy to use for my site operators. http://drupal.org/project/webcal

Looks like this

*Calendar module Repeating Entries*
During my testing I was able to easily setup Repeating Entries (same day only) for the Calendar Module by configuring my custom Content Types Widget Data Settings value to "Multiple values". You're then presented with about five dates when creating content, and when you save, five more and then five more etc. I didn't go beyond 15. Not perfect but very simple to set and it works!
-> Content Types
-> *Your Custom Type*
-> Manage Fields
-> Label = "Time"
-> Configure link
-> Data Settings
-> check "Multiple values"
-> Save

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I tried both the beta and the Dev versions, but neither one could I get to work. The directions for install don't make complete sense to me. I couldn't even find ./includes/settings.php . Was I supposed to create it? This is probably the wrong place to post this, but you comment on getting it, so I thought I'd post it here. WebCalendar sounds like what I need, but I also need it to work.

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./includes/settings.php would be in your WebCalendar install directory.
I installed WebCalendar using Fantastico for testing and then by hand for my production version.

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Is there a way to display a node that has different fields for different (i.e. not repeating) events. Say for example the node is ProjectX and within that node I have date fields for Planning Meeting, Kickoff, MilestoneOne and PostMortem. How do I get all those fields to display in the calendar? Right now, only the first date field seems to display.

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Just subscribing.

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me too:)

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Are there any plans to get Calendar working for Drupal 6.1? Drupal 6.1 is seriously lacking any decent calendar support.

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Looks like I got my answer here...

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I'm new to the events module and am not sure if it is the module I'm looking for. I have created a website for ems workers and would like to have a feature that:

1. let's the user add the expiration date of different licenses.
2. send an email to remind that user to re-new their license before it expires.
3. only show the information to the relevant user.

I could just let the user create an event, but everyone would see everyone's information and there would be constant reminders.

Is this possible? If not with this module, does anyone have any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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I think that you can do that either with event or calendar module, setting up a filter like "author is current user", so every user gets to see only his own information.


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Is there any way to get the events module to show the date in the block with drupal 6?

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The calendar & date modules (also requires views & cck) currently can't show upcoming events because of a bug with date comparisons.
You can't have rss & ical on at the same time, and the ical feeds are invalid (bad timezone). If you are going to try it, use the very latest dev version (which of course isn't recommended for a production site).

I'm leaning to stick with the event module, although it has an issue where the rss feed is empty and the ical feed invalid too. I was able to fix the rss issue. There are resource_conflict and og_calendar modules that work with event too (although og_calendar is being discontinued apparently, no drupal 6 version ever).

Another option is webcal, which is a separate dedicated php event application that can be embedded to work with drupal. Looks nice, but hasn't been updated in a year.

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just subscribing

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If you have a site running either the calendar or event module, will you post a link to your site? I am interested to see these modules in production use.

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If you click on news and midwifery section you can see different event feeds and the calendar block. I am using the event module. I would like to use calendar module but it is taking a lot of fiddling. I dislike not being able to easily search for a date in event module.

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Thanks kls010 for posting the link. Great looking site, I really like the notebook look.

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Thank you...a lovely theme by themesclub.com that I used (my theming skills not being quite up there yet...)

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Does Event module handle timezones correctly? I get the impression it doesn't.

I want to set up on-line classes where the participants are in different timezones. I want them to see the class start times in their own timezone to avoid confusion. Date and Calendar seem to handle this. How about Event?

I like the way the Data module changes the user details timezone setting to be a named timezone/region rather than just a number of hours offset. This looks like a prerequisite for my requirements as it helps with things like 'summer time' / 'daylight saving time'.

From Date module description: "A new Date Timezone module overloads the site and user timezone selectors to allow you to select a timezone name instead of a timezone offset, and that stored name is used to properly adjust date values. It also detects the user's timezone name automatically and updates the user record with that name."

The Date module contains a cck date field which can be relative to the user's timezone, the site time (I think) or other options which I don't understand yet.

I haven't used the Event module, but notice that it seems to have more established 'add-on' modules. I wish that some of these modules were fully available for D6 and for use with Date/Calendar/CCK. Some say they integrate with Event only. Interesting modules being: signup, signup_status, signup_pay etc


Is anyone using Event successfully with users in different timezones?

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Hi all,

I have installed event , calender and date modules. Everything is working fine. What my question is, I can create event only in adminside, ie only administrator can create the events. But The user side no option for create new event and friends event.

What to do? Anyone knows, please give the solution for that one.

Thanks for advance,

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check your Access Control settings - /admin/user/access

It's a bit hidden as it's alphabetized under the 'basicevent module'....it should be renamed to the 'event module' (IMHO)

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Everything is working great from what you posted, except that it won't allow me to select a date/time for the event. It just automatically defaults to the date/time I posted it at. I'm probably missing something really minor, but any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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did you create a date field?

This thread is a little convaluted. It may be best to create a new thread and explain exactly what you've done and how you've done it.

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