i want my website like digg.com,i have find out pligg.com are like this.
but i want usa Drupal,beacuse Drupal is better for me,so somwone can tell me what's muodles i need?




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I have my site set up like Digg.com using the vote up and down module and views so I can setup the popular and upcoming stories tab. It still needs some work with promotion and different things like that, but it seems to be working so far. Let me know if you need any more help.

You can check out my site here as an example:

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May be you would like to take a look to fresqui.com is a drupal based news system, i think is what you need.

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that site is just amazing, I'm curious as to how they created the rotatiing texts, or is that something they developed themselves.

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That is really great looking!!


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Hi folks! I'm a complete noob to PHP & Javascript. Can anyone suggest how to add a voting widget similar to this website's to mine?

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Estimado Nacho,

Alguna posibilidad de poder pasar el codigo (module) de como hacer lo de la votacion en el sitio de fresqui.com. esta muy bueno y yo estoy tratando de hacer lo mismo. muchas gracias por adelantado.

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look into the vote up/down module along with the voting api.module. There is a readme, in the vote up/down module that will explain the "other" modules you will need to design this.

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i did i use Vote up/dowm and vote api and links~
with fivestar,action

someone give more idea?or example?

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There is a STEP by STEP in the INSTALL.txt file of vote/up down. I place it here for convience. If you have only installed Vote Up/Down and voting API, you didn't follow the proper instructions.

Step By Step Installation for front page automatic promotion:

01) Extract all files from the archives above.

02) Upload the vote up/down, links, votingapi, actions, voting_actions,
views, and userpoints directories to your modules directory.

03) In a web browser goto SITE_URL/admin/modules (SITE_URL being the url
for the drupal install) while logged in.

04) Enable the modules below:
* actions
* links
* userpoints
* views
* vote_storylink
* vote_up_down
* voting_actions
* votingapi

When you later update these, and other, modules remember to run
SITE_URL/update.php. With Drupal 4.7 and later modules as well as core
Drupal can make use up the databas update function.

05) Goto SITE_URL/admin/access and enable the following items
* userpoints module (if enabled)
* view userpoints (anonymous and authenticated)
* vote_storylink module
* create storylinks (authenticated, only if you wish to allow your
users to create there own storylinks for voting)
* edit own storylinks (authenticated, only if you wish to allow your
users to edit there own storylinks)
* vote_up_down module
* use up-down vote (authenticated)
* view up-down vote (anonymous and authenticated)

06) Goto SITE_URL/admin/actions and click list (this allows the actions
module to detect available actions).

07) Goto SITE_URL/admin/settings/content-types/storylink
* Uncheck under workflow "promoted to front page"

08) Goto SITE_URL/admin/settings/vote_up_down
* Under types, check storylink.
* Under Vote widget settings for nodes, in the field below "Vote widget
display", select disabled.
* Under Vote widget settings for comments, in the "Vote widget display"
and "Link display of vote points", select do not display for both.

09) Goto SITE_URL/admin/settings/userpoints
* To enable credit for just voting and creating storylinks, enter the
amounts you wish to give for them in the below fields.
* "Points for posting a story link" and "Points for voting on a node
(requires the Vote up/down module)".

10) Goto SITE_URL/admin/voting_actions
* Under action set name, enter in a field "Promote node to front page"
then press save.
* Select edit and enter the following:
- select points under value type
- enter vote under tag
- enter sum under function
- select is greater than under comparison
- enter the required number for front page promotion
- under action select "Promote node to front page" and click save
- under action select "Award userpoints from..." and click save

See also screenshot

11) Goto SITE_URL/admin/voting_actions
* Under action set name, enter in a field other than promote node to
front page, "demote node from front page" then press save.
* Select edit and enter the following:
- select points under value type
- enter vote under tag
- enter sum under function
- select is less than under comparison
- enter the required number for front page demotion
- under action select "Remove node from front page" and click save
- under action select "Deduct userpoints from..." and click save

See also screenshot

12) Upload node-storylink.tpl.php and template.php to the directory
of your theme (if you already have template.php, you will have to
combine them).

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i have noticed two side effects of using this method;

a) whenever someone posts vote for particular node, it will show up as "updated" in tracker module (it is not updated, all that happened is that someone added his/her vote)

b) if you have story which is promoted to the frontpage and decided to edit it (fix some typing errors or something) when you republish your story, "promote to front page" flag will be reset again to default setting for that node type (which in my case is not promoted), so story will disapear from frontpage and will return once someone posts new vote for that story and voting_actions is restarted

any ideas on how to resolve this?
(particulary first issue, this have started happening after update to latest vote up/down module, I have not noticed that before)

any ideas on second one?

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I suggest both of these be submitted as issues (bugs) against the the module itself.

I don't let users edit their content, and have not run into this bug before. (nice catch)

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1. First you want to set up Vote Up/Down and the necessary Modules needed for it.
2. For Submit a new story you want to add a link to node/add/storylink
3. You want to set storylink to not be promoted to the front page.
4. Set up a voting action to promote stories to the front page. The voting actions should look something like this:

  value type       tag            function             comparison                  value
  points              vote          count                 is equal to                    6

This would promote pages after 6 votes. The two actions I take are promotion to the front page and touch creation date, so they are sorted correctly. These voting actions still need some work, but they should get you started. That will give the wrong 'submitted date', so you probably want to change that in your theme to 'promoted date'.
5. Then I used the views module to set up the front and upcoming sections. (There are also some build in views in vote up/down package, but I wanted to add tabs and have them work with categories, so I'm using the views package.)

My header for the frontpage looks like this:

<div class="tabs">
<ul class="tabs primary">
<li class="active"><a href="/front/popular" class="active">Popular</a></li>
<li><a href="/front/upcoming">Upcoming Stories</a></li>

Add a filter for nodes that have been promoted to the front page, or not depending if you are looking at popular stories or not. Fill in anything else you want in view to get your desired results.

My site still needs work to get it working more like Digg if I can find the time to work on it, but this should give you a start.


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Hi xequae

are you using 5.0 or 5.1? Or still on 4.7? A few users are getting an issue with not being able to add actions
(http://drupal.org/node/107523) and I'm just curious if you experienced this issue in 5.0.

Do you happen to have a voting actions template that users could upload?

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That feature was not in 5.x or 5.1.

voting actions (the actions addon) hasnt been update to 5.x. Which is where I was able to add actions to work with voting api in 4.7.x

Looks like the votingapi actions part of the module is just a (shell) or place holder at moment and not an entire module. Not sure what's up Eatons sleeve with this, but I'm sure it will make life easier once its finally implemented.

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I've updated my site at work to 5.0, but haven't had time to get my site at home up to 5.0. At work, I'm using Liquid, so I was able to get that working with 5.0, but I'm not using voting actions there. Hopefully they will get voting actions switched to 5.0 soon. I'm looking to update to 5.0 on my site as soon as I can somehow find the time to look into it. I still haven't had time to evaluate the status of all of the modules i'm using.

I'm not sure what you are asking for about "voting actions template"??


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Can someone tell me where I can get this "vote storylink" module?

I've got all the modules on the list aside from this one...I've searched the forum and of course the modules download page?


EDIT: Seems that package vote up/down is what this belongs to and I've noticed the package has not been installed at all...I assume the "head" version does not work with Drupal 5.1?


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This thread is disappointingly quiet!

Robin Gower

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I'm with Rob.

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my best advice is to use a test site and test them, the problem is the word "best" is subjective. What works best for me , may not for you and vice versa.
give a person a fish and you feed them for a day but ... teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime

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I have used both modules, and really they are very close in functionality.

Drupalit looks spiffy, but anyone with any css skills can do the same with " Vote up/Vote Down".

The one thing Vote up/Vote down has over Drupalit, is the ability to "Vote down". The only action a user can perform with drupalit is vote up.

I would love to see somebody work on the "Bury" feature. " Aka using javascript/jquery to trigger a CSS fade. Pligg is opensource and has this function if anyone wants to check it out.

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I looked at Drupalit support queues and they have not been touched in quite a while.

However, there is another module coming up: http://drupal.org/project/drigg

I will happily sell the immortal soul of my web designer to whoever reports on "Drigg against Vote Up/Down" steel cage match.


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I'm going to give Drigg a whirl. It looks like it has a lot of the functionality without having to setup too many different modules etc etc (than vote/up down).

I was silly and didn't install the user_links module. It's done now and now I can make a proper comparison.


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I heard that the fastest growing Drupal sites are http://www.opentopix.com and www.drigg