Last updated 4 August 2012.

Recommended PO file editors are (in no particular order):

  • XEmacs (with po-mode): runs on Unices with X
  • GNU Emacs (with po-mode): runs on Unices and Windows
  • KBabel: runs on KDE
  • Lokalize: the replacement of KBabel in KDE4. Formally known as KAider
  • poEdit: Linux, MacOSX, and Windows
    poEdit does support multiple plural forms since version 1.3..
  • OmegaT is another translation tool that can translate PO files. It is written in Java so it is available for multiple platforms (including GNU/Linux and Windows). It can be downloaded from SourceForge.
  • For Mac OS X there is AquaEmacs and a port of GNU Emacs available using carbon for OS X. Also see the Emacs wiki for more usage help and tips. po-mode is not included, but is easy to add. Get it from the GNU gettext distribution.
  • GNU Gettext (Linux/Unix) used for the GNU Translation Project. Gettext also provides msgmerge that makes merging translations easy.
  • Vim (Linux/Unix and Windows versions available) with PO ftplugin for easier editing of GNU gettext PO files.
  • LocFactory Editor (OS X).
  • gted is an eclipse plugin that turns eclipse into a gettext editor. Eclipse is written in Java, so this editor is platform independent.
  • gtranslator has been around and works fine under GNU/Linux:
  • Virtaal: Linux and Windows; for MAC OS X 10.5 and newer a Beta release
    Native support for Gettext PO translation as well as XLIFF and other formats. Simple interface with powerful machine translation, translation memory and terminology management features.

Be sure to get a recent version for all editors, multiple plural forms are a recent addition to the gettext standard.


Thomas_Zahreddin’s picture

I tried a lot of tools, what worked best for me is OmegaT,

I works on all OSs, because it is Java based (linux users: Suns java is faster, than other runtime environments).
OmegaT needs a few configuration tasks:

- take care to set the encoding for the filetype .po and .pot to utf-8
- activate Googe Translator
- if possible activate a spellchecker (you find information in the helpfile)
- dictionary: add the path to a dictionary like stardict, good description in the english help for that

Feature i do not use in the moment:
- glossar

Realy helpful people you find in IRC #omegat

one more:

not tested so fare, very interesting featueres.
-> maybes someone has time to test it and reports here?

Wish you success!

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Any one looked at ?

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Nice tool, indeed, but I could not figure out how to use it until now. I exported the .po file and tried to save it and import again, but get the error message:
The translation file de.po contains an error: "msgstr" was expected but not found on line 535.


With little modification it works:

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Thanks for the module gtranslator! I add on my module website
I test on seo-tools. The website speed has a better cache.

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Hi, Does poeditor work with drupal?
greetings, Martijn