My drupal doesn’t send email with password to users. I even tried the “Request new password”, and still don’t get any emails from drupal.

I’m using 4.7.4, and I haven’t installed any modules or done anything extreme, so what seems to be the problem?

I’ve checked that the email is correct, over and over, the drupal's email sending just doesn't seem to work.

Anyone know what’s wrong?

I just installed another drupal to test it, and I didn’t even get an email when I registered the first account?

I've used different email accounts. I've test it out from so many angles trying to convince myself it's not drupal. But I’m starting to believe it is drupal?

Help please!


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Ok, so I’ve been reading and searching for soultions for the past hour or so.

Judging from people with similar problem it seems the problem is not drupal, as my logs do say “Email sent” (but ofcourse they are not sent)

Solution 1, the problem seems to be is in the “php.ini” and I need to configure it.

Ok, where is this php.ini and what do I configure?

Secondly solution was, “FormMail”, the advice read “I simply enabled FormMail and things worked fine”.

Ok, where is FormMail, and how do I enable it?

Please help, I really like to fix this.

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php.ini file is allowed to edit if you have root access or something , if you are on shared hosting then it might be not allowed

but generally this php file is already configured to send mails or something

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Ok in that case my next option is FormMail, what’s that and how do I enable it?

Email are not sent to newly registered members. I need help to tackle it please.

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Help please?

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using google or your hosts documentation 'find their user support forum or submit a ticket' will guide you on using a custom php.ini file. if your host does not allow php.ini you will have to find another method.

are ALL mails not getting sent ?
are there specific hosts that arent getting the mail ?
mail to for example ?
have you checked that other hosts don't work as well? check as many as humanly possible.
are the mails ending up being seen as spam and going into auto delete folders, in yoru mail program ? or being filtered out by your ISP's spam filters ?

There is much to check in this situation. Drupal definetly sends mail. mail sent from php can be an issue if its being seen as spam. to limit being seen as spam insure that you have a reply address set in the administer -> settings -> users (i think. not sitting in front of a drupal installation right this moment).

you may have to look into the smtp.module as well. which may help with this issue.

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To add to VM's comments, on shared hosting the php.ini file is usually configured by the host to include the parameters to allow PHP scripts to send email. Check with your host that this is the case.

Also check that you set a valid "from" name/address in the main Drupal settings page. One of my email providers automatically junks all email sent without a valid address. This includes the initial email sent by Drupal when user 1 has been created - the "from" name and address are (by default) blank IIRC.

If you have access to an SMTP server that does authenticated SMTP (this could even be part of your hosting package) then you can use the smtp.module as already noted. Very easy to set up. This should at least get you up and running.

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Ok, so the issue here is php.ini., right?

What do I tell my host exactly? I have no idea what is it that I meant to say.

Can someone break it down for me so I can explain what the problem is to them and what my host needs to do in order to get this sorted?


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ask your host if you are allowed to use a custom php.ini file in your public webspace.
or try and use a script to pull it from the default location of your servers install and implement it.

a script here that works for me to pull the php.ini file on servers. This script may not work for you and/or may have to be adjusted based on your hosts settings.

first and foremost though, your host has to allow the use of custom php.ini files. If they do not than working with this won't provide any fruit at all.

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Can I not just create a php.ini file myself and add the necessary script, ot does my host have to create for me?

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You can try to create a blank php.ini file and add to it only the lines you want to change.

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I had this error, and solved it my copying the php.ini file provided by my host to the root directory of my drupal installation. It did the trick!

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I create a test php file and writer some php code to send mail
mail('', 'test email', 'test message');
then i upload this file to my host, and this working prefect. It means there is no issue with my php.ini file. The problem is something other.

Any other suggestion please

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Did you ever fix this issue?

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In the end I got fed up with the lack of debugging and poor configurability of the built-in mail mechanism. I recommend you do what I did and install the "smtp" module.

This allows you to use the Admin pages to configure an STMP server. You can also send a test email via that interface, as well as viewing the debug of the STMP transaction, which will help you resolve any problems.

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SMTP module shows error when i installed it. can you tell any other module to test this issue?

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there is no other. "not working" is very vague.

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try adding a line to your htaccess
this was required by my isp to fix the issue

#line to add to insure mail gets sent
php_value sendmail_from