After you get all the field data successfully migrated you will be left with a number of tables that are no longer needed that look like:

- content_field_
- content_type_

If you have tried and then rolled back some field migrations you will also end up with tables like these:


It might be nice to provide a button to delete all these tables.


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I second that.

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Even an example script for deleting the right tables would be helpful.

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Yes, would love to know which tables we can drop pls ..

lots of tables for example ..


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This got rid of my old cck tables post-upgrade:

drush  php-eval "\$tables = db_query('show tables like \'content_type_%\'')->fetchCol(); foreach (\$tables as \$table) {db_query('drop table ' . \$table);}"
drush  php-eval "\$tables = db_query('show tables like \'content_field_%\'')->fetchCol(); foreach (\$tables as \$table) {db_query('drop table ' . \$table);}"

So long as I don't roll back the tables I think I don't end up with the field_deleted_data tables.

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i think you can add "cache_content" to that list too cant you?

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Executing this little bit of code seems to work well:

$types = array('type_%', 'field_%', 'group', 'group_fields', 'node_field', 'node_field_instance');
foreach ( $types as $type ) {
  $tables = db_query("show tables like 'content_$type' ")->fetchCol(); 
  foreach ( $tables as $table) {
    print "dropping $table...\n";
    db_query('drop table ' . $table);