This happens when I want to insert an image (drupal 7, ckeditor) and i browse the server for the image. When I select an image (so it is shown in the preview field) and click on it (or double click on the row or hit enter to insert) the image is opened in a new tab instead of the URL being inserted in the textfield.
This happens on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on mac (both latest stable versions)


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I also have this problem.

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And there is no "Insert file" button. I am using Drupal7 version released today, IMCE 7.x-1.1 and CKEditor 7.x-1.0-rc1.

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I installed IMCE 7.x-1.x-dev and now all is ok.

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When will the latest Dev version be released as a usable version?

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@SammMoney: It's a CKeditor issue.

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Anyone figure this issue out? Do we need to switch to a different WYSIWYG?

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Does anyone have any further information on this issue? I am experiencing this problem on a Drupal 6 site as well, funny thing is it happens on one of my machines but not the other, yet a Drupal 7 site works. Here’s the breakdown:

Laptop (Vista, Firefox 4.01) Drupal 6 site Insert file link missing and image opens in new window. Drupal 7 site behavior is normal, Insert link is present and url is passed to Image properties window.

Desktop (Win7, Firefox 4.01) Both Drupal 6 and 7 sites behave normally.
Both sites are using CKeditor.

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I am having this issue with Drupal 6.2. Does anyone have a link to a previous version...I think it was an update issue.

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Drupal 6.22, CK 3.4, same issue.

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Sorry, make that 3.5, and also on a site that is behind SSL connections.

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Kevin's right, this seems to be something to do with SSL pages. I made it so my node editing pages aren't secured pages and it started working again.

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I can confirm that this is SSL related (at least on my system). Secure pages defaults with https on node/add/* and node/*/edit. Disabling those fixes the problem!

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Or, add imce and imce/* to your secure paths. Worked here.

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hi, i understood your solve but where is secure path?
in a block or in a page or in module settings? where is?

can anyone say it?

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It's a bit late, but maybe someone might find it useful.
In my case we had Secure Pages enabled, we had to make sure that the administrative node pages:


were listed under the Secure Pages config: and also the imce path: