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8.x-3.x / 8.x-3.3 10-Apr-2017 Removed field--node--field-image--article.html.twig
8.x-3.x / 8.x-3.2 05-Jan-2017 Removed input__button__dropdown theme hook suggestion
8.x-3.x / 8.x-3.2 21-Dec-2016 @BootstrapAlter("theme_suggestions") is now more dynamic
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 10-Dec-2015 Autocomplete may stop working
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 09-Nov-2015 Modals can now change size
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 30-Mar-2015 Smart form descriptions (via Tooltips)
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 15-Mar-2015 Hide navbar mobile toggle if there are no menu items
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 15-Mar-2015 Bootstrap uses jsDelivr as primary CDN provider
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 15-Mar-2015 Fluid containers can now be configured via settings
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 11-Mar-2015 #process and #pre_render callbacks can now be automatically detected
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 06-Aug-2014 Button icons and colors are better and more extensible
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 23-Mar-2014 Theme hook removed: bootstrap_accordion
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 23-Mar-2014 Refactored: bootstrap dropdown theme hook
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 23-Mar-2014 Bootstrap Theme Registry Alters
7.x-2.x / 7.x-2.0 31-May-2013 Framework methods
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