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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

erdfisch was founded in 2005. From the very start, we decided to provide specialized services focused on the content management system Drupal. In doing so, erdfisch became a pioneer for Drupal in German-speaking countries.

Alongside the three original founders of the company, we now have 8 employees.

Today we look back on nearly a decade of practical experience with the conceptual planning, implementation and support of a wide range of Drupal projects. As a recognized specialist in Drupal development, erdfisch has a number outstanding experts with years of experience in the implementation of complex software projects using Drupal.

Our developers are regularly and intensively engaged with the Drupal developer community. Because of their work on Drupal core and contrib modules, we have unique capabilities which have allowed us to take on ambitious Drupal projects - finding clean, robust solutions to difficult problems.

Since Drupal is so versatile, our customers have come to us from many different sectors, including publishing, education, non-profits, associations, small and medium-sized companies, and insurance.

We build Drupal, we love Drupal and we live Drupal!

Drupal contributions

We really do love Drupal! And we prove it by investing our time and energy to improve the Drupal project for the benefit of everybody.

In concrete terms, here's what we do at erdfisch to actively contribute to the Drupal community:

- Two out of the Top 20 Drupal 8 Contributors are from erdfisch, including the second most profilic contributor overall.

- Our two Drupal 8 Core Module Maintainers are:
-- Daniel Wehner "dawehner": Views module
-- Tobias Stöckler "tstoeckler": Configuration Translation module

erdfisch is an organizational member of the Drupal Association and of
the German Drupal Assocation.

erdfisch sponsored the following Drupalcons:
- DrupalCon Barcelona 2007
- DrupalCon Szeged 2008
- DrupalCon Paris 2009
- DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010
- DrupalCon Munich 2012

As well as many local events:
- FrOSCon 2007
- Drupal Media Camp Switzerland 2009
- Drupalcity Berlin 2011
- Drupalcamping 2011
- Drupal Commerce Camp Luzern 2011
- Drupal Camp Essen 2012
- Drupalcamping 2012
- Drupal Camp Essen 2013
- Drupalcity Berlin 2014

- Organizers of the Drupal User Group Rhein-Neckar since 2008

- Proudly using Drupal since 2005 (Drupal 4.5.5)

Projects supported

Responsive PhotoSwipe, Barcodes, Default Content for D8, iframely, Picture field, Image widget default image, OpenID Connect, Tocify, Commerce Heidelpay, Dipity, Geocoder autocomplete, User Multipicture, Adaptive Image, Webhooks, OpenID Single Sign On Relying Party, Contentflow, Comment limit, BigBlueButton, U Edit, Moderation, IP notification, Commentsection, Memo, eXtreme Small And Simple Gallery, Blog reactions, User Delete, Term blacklist, User Interests, User Expertise, User Activity, User Visits, Icecast Streaming Server, URL Icon, URL Class, Mobile Media Blog, Bookmarks with login reminders

Credited on 11 issues fixed in the past 3 months