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The Pathauto module creates automatic path aliases for content, users, and taxonomy terms, eliminating the need to create them manually. This way, your site is more user and search engine friendly, and more descriptive about its content with less work from your side.

The aliases are generated when you create an object in your site and are based upon the pathauto patterns (placeholders) you specify at:

  1. For 6.x: Administer > Site Building > URL aliases, in the "Automated alias settings" tab.
  2. For 7.x, 8.x: Administer > Configuration > Search and Metadata > URL aliases, in the "Patterns" tab.

Pathauto administration options are provided with the following tabs:

  • Patterns tab
    Provides the method of entering and changing the patterns used to create aliases. In Drupal 6 and 7 several default patterns are provided. Using tokens, the patterns can use information from the object, For example: title, creation date, or category.
  • Settings tab
    Provides options for how an alias is generated. For example: maximum length, character case, and excluded word.
  • Bulk generate tab
    Creates pathauto aliases for objects that don't already have a alias.
  • Delete aliases tab
    Provides a way of bulk deleting aliases.

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agira’s picture

With current D7 and pathauto for 7.* versions not found any "Patterns" tab in "Administer > Configuration > Search and Metadata > URL aliases". :/

siefca’s picture

Try switching your administrative theme to Seven or Bartik.
Some fancy administrative themes often tend to hide some fields and tabs, especially when newer versions of jQuery are in use.

ryanjbonnell’s picture

Make sure you have the core Path module enabled and the contributed Pathauto and Token modules installed and enabled.

You should then see the "Patterns" tab among others in the Drupal admin at /admin/config/search/path.’s picture

Same problem here. All required modules are installed and enabled, tried use other admin themes (my default is Seven) and I still cannot see the "Patterns" tab in "Administer > Configuration > Search and Metadata > URL aliases" :-(’s picture

I had installed and enabled the module via drush. After disabling and enabling it again through the module admin interface and clearing all caches it worked.

waddaah_’s picture


Is there a way to substitute parts of the created URL? I have posts and tags that contain "C#" in their names, what I would like that changed to in the URL is "c-sharp", how do I go about doing this?



topiclawhn’s picture

Why do not you add a file ( something like that ) that content un-ascii character to convert it ? Because using Transliteration make me one more module and it's not the best solution !

System Lord’s picture

I may have made a mistake by installing pathauto in the middle of my build. Many of my Views have stopped displaying. However, I'm not completely sure pathauto is the cause because I'm not completely sure how pathauto works. The one thing I noticed is that all my existing content that uses "_" remains, but anything new added is no "-". So, should I uninstall pathauto, finish my build, then install pathauto and do a "Bulk update?"

UPDATE: disregard. my issue was with relationships.

hardik jayeshbhai hihoriya’s picture

very nice