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Hi there, I'm trying to use Mailhandler as follows. There is a mailing list (not connected in any way with my website) that sends out summary emails once a day. I'd like to be able to have those emails published automatically on my site (it's a public mailing list, so let's assume there are no legal/ethical reasons for me not to publish the emails on my site!). My question is, is it possible to achieve this with mailhandler, and if so, how?

In particular, my question concerns how to recognise emails sent from the listserv address (something like when that is not the email address of any user on my site. I think my question has something to do with the From header, but as I don't perfectly understand Mailhandler, I can't guess any more accurately than that. With thanks for your help.


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Hi everybody - I am stuck trying to integrate our mailing list with forum. I successfully setup listhandler so forum post is emailed to list, but no success getting mailhandler/listhandler to post to forum.

I am running drupal 6.02 and use a gmail account which is subscribed to and receives postings from the the mailman list

i only run two comands:

tid: 18
status: 1

Suspect I don't have the right tid # or am fouling up command for tid and/or type. group url looks like and node/18, so tried tid: 1 and 18 to group commands, no luck.

Any insights greatly appreciated!


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here is what a friend of mine answered:

In order to get this working, you'll need to verify:

1. The emails are indeed coming into the gmail account (I am sure they are)
2. Mailhandler is *retrieving* the emails! (under content management > mailhandler there is a retrieve link that you can click on to speed up testing this. If a message is retrieved, mail handler will report it right on that page. If it is not retrieving it, what is happening?
3. If mail handler *is* retrieving, what is it *doing* with the email? Look at the log in drupal it will show you what mailhandler did with the email

This is actually the most important part: Mailhandler was designed to work with commands that a user types into an email that is sent to the Drupal site. The commands are ridiculous for most users, because they are the numerical ID of the node, the taxonomy term, etc

So, if an email comes in, and it does not have any commands at the very top, then Mailhandler will fall back on your default commands.

So far, you default commads are:

tid: 18
status: 1

So, Mailhandler will publish the email as a *node*

..and, mail handler will add tid: 18, a taxonomy term

So, if you check under tid 18:

Do you see the posts there?

If you check at you should also see the posts there as status = published , if mailhandler is really retrieving them from gmail

Also, this is important:

The only way to do this without asking users to type commands in their emails is to have your default commands also declare type: forum as described here

This is also important: using default commands type: forum and tid: [your forum] will result in each email being posted as a new forum topic node. The only way that you can *thread* replies inside of a topic is to have incoming emails include commands nid and cid, and there is no existing way to do this in the code that is in mailhandler.

So, even if you get it working right *every single email will be a new foumr topic* and that is the best that you can currently do.

Hope that helps!

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I'm just now investigating the possible use of listhandler/mailhandler and came across this useful discussion. Is it still true that the only way you can thread is through commands sent in the email? Or has this since been improved?

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I use the mailhandler to generate the news for my site and everything works fine ... until someone adds a german special character like ö,ä,ß, ... to the mail.

When I try to retrieve the mails I get the status bar (Retrieving 1 of 1 email) and then I just get a WhiteScreenOfDeath and that's it ... and the content is not aggregated.

Any idea, patch, etc would be awesome

thx werner

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Has anybody used Mailhandler with Dreamhost ?

I don't know why but i can't connect to the mailbox ? Is there any special parameter to add ?

Thanks.’s picture

I'm using the latest stable version of the module (6.x-1.9), and I can't for the life of me get the taxonomy commands to work. I've tried:

taxonomy[23]: [term255]
taxonomy[23]: [255]
taxonomy[23]: [apple]
tid: 255

All to no avail. Have the commands changed?

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What kind of account do you have with Dreamhost? I have it working with a Dreamhost PS account - as far as I know Mailhandler will not work with the standard shared account because their PHP does not include IMAP functions.

Are you getting a function does not exist error? Or something else?

Good luck,

dbonchabo’s picture

I am using a shared hosting account but i don't get any errors regarding this. Some of the commands work but not for taxonomy

wwwoliondorcom’s picture

Thank you, I also have a Dreamhost PS, so please could you give me more information about the settings ?

I tried all and it still doesn't work.

Thank you so much again.

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I just had success by adding /novalidate-cert to the 'Extra commands'. Also the domain should be not just and the username is the whole address, not just johndoe. I found more excellent sources here: