List of core process plugins

Last updated on
13 January 2018

Process plugins provided by the core Migrate module

The core Migrate module provides several general use process plugins that can be used in migrations. 

  • array_build
    Builds an array based on the key and value configuration.
  • callback
    Passes the source value to a callback.
  • concat
    Concatenates a set of strings.
  • DedupeBase
    Deprecated. Use MakeUniqueBase instead. 
  • dedupe_entity
    Deprecated. Use make_unique_entity_field instead.
  • default_value
    Returns a given default value if the input is empty.
  • download
    Downloads a file from a HTTP(S) remote location into the local file system.
  • entity_exists
    Checks if a given entity exists.
  • explode
    Splits the source string into an array of strings, using a delimiter.
  • extract
    Extracts a value from an array.
  • file_copy
    Copies or moves a local file from one place into another.
  • flatten
    Flattens the source value.
  • format_date
    Converts date/datetime from one format to another.
  • get
    Gets the source value.
  • iterator
    Deprecated. Use sub_process instead.
  • log
    Logs values without changing them.
  • machine_name
    Creates a machine name.
  • menu_link_parent
    Figures out menu link parent plugin IDs. Additional documentation.
  • migration
    Deprecated. Use migration_lookup instead.
  • migration_lookup
    Looks up the value of a property based on a previous migration.
  • MakeUniqueBase
    Ensures the source value is unique. Abstract base class. See make_unique_entity_field.
  • make_unique_entity_field
    Ensures the source value is made unique against an entity field.
  • route
    Sets the destination route information based on the source link_path.
  • skip_on_empty
    Skips processing the current row when the input value is empty.
  • skip_row_if_not_set
    Skips processing the current row when a source value is not set.
  • static_map
    Changes the source value based on a static lookup map. 
  • substr
    Returns a substring of the input value.
  • sub_process
    Runs an array of arrays through its own process pipeline.
  • url_encode
    URL-encodes the input value.

Writing a custom process plugin

If the general use process plugins listed above do not meet the transformation needs for your migration, it is possible to write a custom process plugin. See documentation for writing a custom process plugin