Migrate process plugins

This guide describes the processing pipeline of a Drupal 8 migration.

Process plugins defined by contributed modules can be documented as part of this guide.

  • Make sure to mention which contributed module provides the plugin
  • Do not add the documentation page to this guide before the process plugin has been committed to the contributed module.

Migrate process overview

The process key of a migration configuration describes, property-by-property, how the destination is to be constructed from the source data.

List of core process plugins

List of process plugins provided by Drupal core Migrate module.

Constant values

Examples on how constant values can be defined in the migration.

Writing a process plugin

Instructions and references to relevant APIs for writing your own process plugins.

Contrib process plugin: addressfield

The contributed addressfield process plugin transforms Drupal 7 Addressfield values to Drupal 8 Address values.

Contrib process plugin: geofield_latlon

The contributed geofield_latlon process plugin transforms data to Drupal 8 Geofield.

Contrib process plugin: entity_generate

The contributed Entity generate plugin is used to generate entities, e.g. freetext taxonomy term references

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