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Web Developer

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Oxfam International, Pfizer, NYSE Euronext, Oracle, The University of Manchester, The Open University, La Poste, France 24, UCL
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IT / Software, Education, Finance, NGO

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An experienced IT professional who has been developing Drupal sites for a variety of clients including NYSE Euronext, Pfizer, The Open University, France24, La Poste, Oxfam International and lately Unipro LTD.

15 years experience in web based Content Management Systems (starting with proprietary CMS while at Oracle Corporation), specializing in Open Source and Drupal since 2006. Well versed in both site building and custom coding. Experienced in analyzing client requirements, then architecting the most cost effective solution by balancing between custom code development and use of core functionalities whenever possible.

A varied work background from sole responsibility for projects to team work in large development departments. A proven Team Leader with Agile experience.

An active member of the Drupal Community, setting up Drupal groups in Montpelier and Toulouse he is currently involved in setting up a Drupal Association of Croatia. He has chosen to stay with Drupal for its quality and the strong collaboration ethos of the community.

Darko has an MSc in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom.


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