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Technology Lead (Drupal / PHP)
UN World Food Programme

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Companies Worked For
Volkswagen, Reply, Elsag Datamat, Telecom Italia, DevoTeam, Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale (Italian Social Security Institute), Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali (Italian Ministry of Agriculture)
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Non-Profit Organisation, Automotive, Telecommunications, Public Administration, Information Technology

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Portuguese, Portugal

Andrew Holgate is the Technology Lead for the United Nations World Food Programme in Rome, Italy, where he has worked since 2011 developing and leading teams on multiple public-facing Drupal projects.

Born in New Zealand and growing up in Australia, he obtained his degree in CS & Psychology and has worked in 4 countries in the course of his 12-year career.

Beginning as a Java and C# developer, Andrew found PHP in 2008 and has been specialising in Drupal & PHP ever since.


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DrupalCon Munich 2012
DrupalCon Prague 2013
DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014
DrupalCon Barcelona 2015
DrupalCon Dublin 2016

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