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Drupal 7.38 and 6.36 released

Drupal 7.38 and Drupal 6.36, maintenance releases which contain fixes for security vulnerabilities, are now available for download. See the Drupal 7.38 and Drupal 6.36 release notes for further information.

DrupalCon Barcelona

Hi Everybody

I would like to voluntarily assist at the DrupalCon Event held in Barcelona September 2015. Who are the organizers and who should I speak with?


Drupal 8 Security bug bounty program: Get paid to find security issues in D8

Drupal 8 is nearing release, and with all the big architectural changes it brings, we want to ensure D8 upholds the same level of security as our previous releases. That's where you come in! Terms of Service and Privacy Policy update - June 2015

Following our plan to review and update Terms of Service and Privacy Policy every quarter based on community feedback, today we are implementing the second revision of those documents. This time we only have a minor update to the Privacy policy.

Privacy policy updates:

We added a note about Mailchimp to the 'Service providers and partners' section:

Self-Healing, Automated Drupal Deployments on AWS Using Fugue

Hi everyone! My startup is developing a system for building, running, and enforcing cloud deployments on AWS, and we just released a grab-and-use composition for deploying a Drupal site. It addresses configuration drift and unwanted/unknown changes and keeps your Drupal site operating as you declare.
Would love any feedback! Thanks! :)


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