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En Seidor contratamos Drupaler@s

En Seidor queremos incorporar a nuestro equipo a un/a Drupal developer, con experiencia y que resida en España. Actualmente somos un equipo de unas 50 personas con más de 15 años de experiencia, todas entusiastas de este CMS ¡y nos encantaría que te sumaras a nosotros!


Drupal listed in Free and Open Source Software Awards - vote now

Drupal has been nominated in the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Awards.

The awards are open to the public to vote in, and it's a simple matter of clicking on Drupal here:

The winners will be announced on 12th April, but can view the current standings after you've voted.

The next big social media platform is being built in Drupal 9!

Ok, it's probably a bit presumptive to say the 'next big' anything, but I'm pretty stoked to show you what I've built.

Cofihouse is a new, upcoming social media platform for the masses. It deploys a new twist on content sharing that hasn't been done, yet, from my research of popular social platforms. But the concept is so simple, that I think everyone will want to be on the platform.

Cofihouse is a reference to the coffeehouses of the 15th-17th century, which were bastions of social and political debate across the Middle East and Europe. 

Dropsolid only Drupal 7 Long Term Support Provider in Europe.


Drupal 9 came out late last year, Drupal 8 reaches its end-of-life in November 2021, and Drupal 7's life will end in November 2022 (the date was extended due to COVID-19 and the large number of active users). With a time frame of just under a year and a half to upgrade from 7 to 9? Is it time to make a plan, or seek other options if that timeline is not feasible. But what other options are there?


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