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Provide feedback on the issue credit attribution user interface

With the help of a few key community members, we have been hard at work creating an interface for users to attribute their work in the issue queues to a customer or employer.

Drupal as a platform for DITA-XML-based technical documentation

There is a new Drupal group with the aim of exploring how Drupal can serve as a platform for technical communication and documentation with DITA XML:

Tech Comm DITA CMS changes for the week of 16 Feb to 22 Feb 2015

Sub-site database migrations

Times vary (see @drupal_infra for specific times as changes times are finalized)
Production outage: YES
Change affects: sub-sites
Sub-site migrations to the new database cluster will continue through the coming week(s).
Rudy Grigar, Drupal Association Infrastructure Manager (basic` on IRC)
Backout plan:

Content Strategy Update: What are we up to?

Back in December, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve, we kicked off a content strategy project with Forum One.

Take Z-Ray for a test run

Hi guys,
You may have heard about Z-Ray, a new debugging tool we're working on for PHP and Drupal developers.
Just to let you know you can get a taste of it on this demo:
Let me know if you have any questions,


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