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New module: Code Server - limitless communication between sites

As it says on the Code Server project page ...

Allows limitless communication between Drupal sites.

Code Server provides a framework for calling PHP functions on a Drupal site from code running on a different Drupal site.

Drupal 7.39 and 6.37 released

Drupal 7.39 and Drupal 6.37, maintenance releases which contain fixes for security vulnerabilities, are now available for download. See the Drupal 7.39 and Drupal 6.37 release notes for further information.

Read this and prepare to get MAD!

When reading the documentation for Drupal for facebook I wanted to visit the home page of the project.
If you visit, you can see that the website has been CLOSED BY FACEBOOK ITSELF!!! ... aaargh! I'm still boiling! Is it any way to counteract this?

Official Drupal Docker container

Aaaaand we got an official Drupal Docker container! (I know it's sitting there since 2015-04-29 02:45:55 lol)

In case you're wondering what are these Docker containers, they're a way of simplifying our development without actually being scared of breaking something.

Secure your account: Two Factor authentication on users can now use Two factor authentication to increase the security of their accounts.


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